Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's Get Technical

I am drinking more and more coffee these days it seems. This is obviously a step further in my inevitable journey to become my mother. Becoming my mother, as I have said before would not be such a bad thing... she's the greatest woman I know. If you knew her, you'd feel the same way too. But I digress as usual, and the coffee slowly steals my soul.

What on earth did we really do before the internet?? I remember a life before all this online madness. It included dressing up and going out all the time, jamming to more music than watching any t.v. or internet videos, and spending more time with my friends and family... Seemed like times were so much more simple before I ever "came of age" to technology.

We can thank my husband for this gift of gadgetry I guess, he's the one who gave me Playstation, World of Warcraft, and the ride down the information super-highway. However, he was also the catalyst for my career change INTO Information Technology and Web Development, so I can't say all was lost... It beat the hell out of killing myself in the Printing Industry for sadistic office politics, backstabbing envious colleagues (like Phil, the angry proofreader) and constantly begging for plant-wide acceptance.

Things change, people change and that's life so we roll with the flow. If technology beckons, we answer... then again, we're not being forced to do anything we don't want to do, it's all on us when we follow our society's advances. But, are they really advances?

Do you think we're a smarter society now than before all these conveniences that make our lives so much "easier"? Or have we the people become dumbed down as a result... are we really that much more efficient?? I just don't know.

Today is another rainy day here in the River City, and I don't mind that at all; Except for the fact that we were supposed to
go to the Historic Elmwood Cemetery on our lunch break today and take some photos... I was looking forward to it, but game got called on count of rain. That's o.k. maybe tomorrow... I've got my internet to keep me dry and warm in the meantime.

On that note, I'll leave you with a final fun cartoon, cat lovers should enjoy. All others go on and laugh, you know you want to.
Is this what goes on all day when I'm gone??


Further on up the road said...

I'm there on the coffee thing. I've been terrible lately at work it's almost like I have to have it there as a comforter! It doesn't do me good!

I don't think the internet has made any change to societies culture that wouldn't have happened anyway - i.e. it's part of the change not a cause.

I think it's good and bad as many things are - no different no doubt than when radio allowed greater information to more people quicker, or television or actually further back the invention of the printing press.

What society does with these things is the cultural issue. And that just largely baffles me.

Aunt Jackie said...

Further: I know, I don't understand it myself... My mom is a huge coffee drinker, but I seem to be increasing steadily.

Thanks, this was a great response!!

Nothingman said...

wow, this made me think for a while what i did before the internet invaded my life, well, i read a lot of comics!

and now that the net is here, i read even more comics, all online! :)

still, there should be a no screens day every week, where people should avoid anything with a screen, laptops, pc, mobiles and just go out and 'try' to have good time :)

Wishful thinking,

great post! cuz it made me think!