Sunday, September 23, 2007


It's still Saturday in my mind, but technically it is already Sunday morning... my how the weekend doth blur together. So I am sitting here nibbling on Funyuns, watching "Are We Done Yet?" with Ice Cube and cuddling with my vereh own Kitteh (which is Yas-speak for... Kitteh). While perusing comments for addictive-like-crack MySpace, I discovered this one, which is cute and funny. It's from a website called Can I Has Cheezburger?. I know, a little goofy but it caught my eye.


I had a nice time earlier, I got to take my Mommy shopping. I drove down, picked her up and we went to Burlington Coat Factory and she bought a new suit, and I picked up a pair of jeans and a couple of pieces for work attire. Then we went to a place to pick up some fabric for Mom (she sews, alot... and quilts). Went home, had coffee and visited a while.

Wondering where Mr. J is?? Well, he went on a guy night with his friend Gary. They were going to hang out and do "Guy Stuff" which basically means they'll consume beer, stare at Tits and Ass, and probably pass mucho gas... I think that's about the jist of the "Secret Society of Men". So he should be rolling in sometime in the next couple of hours.

That pretty much concludes what's up right now... Maybe I'll go sing some karaoke or play my keyboard. Who knows what madness might unfold! The night is young... and sleep is for ze dead.


Nothingman said...

Cats are nice, but that one looks...uhmmm Wrong! saturdays and sundays have this tendency of mixing together an the next thing you know, its fuckin monday! ha ha



Aunt Jackie said...


Jay Cam said...

fold cat on dotted line.....

Jay said...

Spending the night looking at tits and ass, drinking beer and passing gas? Sounds like the perfect night to me. ;-)

Rolando said...

Hey who gave you the secrets of the secret society of men. We should ban them those traitors :)