Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today's Tuesday photo is a storm off the bluff close to where I live... I think it encompasses Color and Change in that there is a change in the weather, and the colors of the storm are delicate, yet calming... This was intended as my entry for the photo challenge over at Pickled Beef, (am I too late??) (Jay let me know if I am not). Enjoy!


Tink said...

You're not too late! That picture is STUNNING. I love how you interpreted the words. In this game, different is definitely better. :)

Jay said...

Awesome picture!

You're not late, I posted mine early. I always post at night for the next day. If that makes any sense. So, my Tuesday post is actually post on Monday night.

Anyway, the WWC has never been big on rules other than it has to be your picture. Part of the fun is all the different ways people interpret the words. This was really cool!

Aunt Jackie said...

Tink: Thanks! I love storms... I'm so glad to know about this fun weekly game! Yay!

Jay: Thanks, and as I love photography, I should have no problem trying to put together content.
Oh, I understand what you mean about post dates... cool.