Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to Dummyland!

Last night, I was watching The Outsiders, which reminded me of High School. This was mainly because our English Teacher, Mrs. Jubb brought in the movie and had us watch it in class one year. Therefore, over the course of probably three days, we got to dim the lights, sit back and enjoy a nice movie (sans popcorn of course, since no eating was allowed in class). Still, it was a break from the norm.

I had many memorable teachers throughout the course of my education, however "Coach Durr" stands out for many reasons. Coach Durr was one of the school's coaches, and a history teacher (why do they always have the Coaches teach History?? They really shouldn't). On any given day, you could sit back and enjoy a nice history lecture by Coach Durr, and he did know his stuff... or you might catch him sitting silently at his desk "hidden" behind a book, picking his rather large-nostrils. His teaching methods were quite interesting to say the least.

He came up with a method of seating according to grade. Let me explain. He lined the desks up along the wall in a "U" shape, with his desk in the front center of the class. Then we were organized by our Grade Point Average in his class. If you made A's, B's or even C's I guess you weren't TOO awfully worried, but if you'd worked frivolously hard and earned yourself a "D" or an "F", everyone knew it too!

If your grade was a D, you were dangerously close and if you made an "F", well you were assigned to sit in the very end section, which Coach Durr had affectionately named "Dummyland".

(See my example for detailed illustration-click to enlarge)

Coach Durr Bragged on the Kids that made A's, and smeared the A-earners' success in the faces of those residing in Dummyland... he enjoyed taunting Dummyland with the fact that they were no star student.

"If you folks over in D section don't watch out, you're going to end up in... DUMMMMYYLAANNNNDDDDD!!" he'd say with a snicker.

I've often thought about his class, and remembered it humorously, wondering if this might have permanently scarred any of the Dummyland-residents... I, myself never ended up over there but I may have cruised through C Boulevard a time or two.

No matter what your grade, there was no hiding it from your classmates... and well, as for Coach Durr, his nose picking was never concealed as much as he thought.

Here's to you Coach, as well as all those other Coaches who have been ordained to teach a subject... Remember, the things you do in the line of teaching stays with 'us kids' forever.


Beefcake Almighty said...

Coaches, honestly, should never be allowed to teach. Anything.

Cindi said...

The coach at my high school taught General Science. He started secretly seeing a girl in my class during our junior year. He was about 12 years older than her. At the end our senior year everybody knew about it and her parents were okay with it. They ended up marrying and having three kids and later divorced.

I loved your diagram. LOL Your story reminded me also of when I was in 2nd grade. Our reading groups were split up according to reading levels and each group was named after a fruit. The lowest reading group were The Bananas. I was a Banana for a while and it upset me greatly. Hard to believe I was a Banana looking back...because I have always been an avid reader.

Cindi said...

I love your new background too!!!

Further on up the road said...

Metalwork - I was never much good at all that kind of practical stuff... We had a teacher who once hit me on the head with some mallet thing and called me "a spastic" in front of the whole class.

I still remember that awful feeling of embarrasment of anger etc. Very vivid in my mind some 30 odd years on.

As you say teachers leave very lasting memories...

RockDog said...

What kind of donuts do they serve in Dummy Land? Mmmmmm, donuts...!

Jay said...

The first thing that people learn when they want to be a coach is how to publicly humiliate people. Every coach believes that if somebody isn't motivated then he/she just hasn't been called enough names or threatened enough.

Coaches suck. LOL

I only had TWO teachers in all of high school that I still think were good teachers and decent people.

Aunt Jackie said...

Beef: I agree, just don't know why they do it.

Cindi: Thanks... Hmm, that's kinda creepy, and everyone just accepted it. He should've been in trouble :O See? Coaches!

Further: That's horrible?? I have seen teachers do stuff like that though...

Rockdog: That darn Corky! You've been over there sniffing his doughnuts haven't you?? Maybe they should've served them in Dummyland, might have given them incentive! Oh the shame. LOL!

Jay: You have a point, maybe they go through some sort of humiliation tactics training... Sure seems possible! High School has so many hideous memories... lol