Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Son Will Come Out Tu Morrow

Celebrities and their children again... WTF?!?!

And What Name Will Phinnaeus Have For Mommy?. <--This article is a pretty good rundown of all of the hottest newsworthy celebs and the names that they have granted to their offspring (hint: Phinnaeus is the name of one of Julia Roberts' children). I'm with you guys. They shouldn't be allowed to speak in public-haha! Hey, I'm all for live and let live, I know I don't sound like it when I mention stuff like this, but hey I'm thinking of the children! They're all going to hate their parents, which they probably would anyway for more reasons than just the name that they were given. One of the names that stood out to me was one given by Rob Morrow (most famous for his role in "Northern Exposure") and his wife Debbon. Their first child, a daughter, they named "Tu Simone Morrow" (Just think on that for a moment. Tu Morrow). Wow, Great one guys.!

Funny that I had been talking about this subject in recent days because just yesterday, I read where Bruce and Demi's daughter, "Tallulah Belle" Willis, decided to change her name legally (with her parents' permission of course). I was excited to hear this news. I thought, 'She is only 13 years old, she still has time to get a whole new lease on life'. Maybe she still has hope!

Then my hopes were dashed, when she merely changed from Tallulah Belle to simply "Lula". Yes, she's going to go by Lula Willis... (Um, seriously?) Well that's a fitting name for any little girl who's 13 going on 60, right?? Can't wait for the Willis siblings (and the rest of these stars) to have children too. Just look at the photo here of Lula (sporting such a sexy dress too) with her Mom and Step-father, Ashton... I mean just wait a few years and he might leave Demi for Lula... wouldn't that be a hoot? ;)

Ok, I know I don't usually obsess over such celebrity gossip and drama, but I have just found myself in a tabloidy kind of mood lately... and it all started with the big bullshit that Britney started a few days back with her god-awful performance on the VMA awards... I'm ashamed of myself for buying into it, but it was all like a fatal collision on the side of the road, I could not look away.

Britney is starting to spoil me with all of her ludicrous behavior (Not to use your name in vain, Ludicrous as I respect you too much for that! lol). I read that after Brit's big VMA fiasco, she was booted out by her management (a professional relationship which lasted just one month!). Then she was Bounced from a Posh Restaurant for "Boorishness" (as states the article she "smashed her face in her plate of food"). I'm concerned that Brit is going to run out of ways to shock and amuse us, although she seems to be doing quite well for now.

Now I'm sure all this talk about celebrities, their stunts, their children and such has left you all wondering the same thing that I am wondering... seeing as Amy Winehouse thinks she's pregnant, will she name her baby "Rockdog Rehab Winehouse Fielder-Civil"?? Or maybe something really whacked out?? :)


awaiting said...

I am also scared that she will run out of ways to amuse us. But I smell losing the kids on the horizon when she continously fails her drug tests.

Anonymous said...

Brittany and paris..I almost feel sorry for the pair of them....both need to give their heads a shake and wake up....I never considered odd ball names for my two offspring before they were born but i had a few pop into my mind as they were growing only problem now is that they have grown up and left but return to dive headfirst into my fridge on a regular basis..this trend is worrisome as my eldest has blessed me with a grandaughter who is picking up her mothers bad habits and becoming an expert fridge diver herself...

Aunt Jackie said...

Awaiting: Brit losing the kids will definitely amuse me! I'm just sadistic like that, and she well kinda deserves it. :)

Nascar: Thanks for visiting again. This is funny stuff, they're multiplying and coming back to eat everything in sight!! lol

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Brittney scares me! She reminds me a lot of my ex :-)