Thursday, September 27, 2007

Coffee, Games and Men

Thursday morning began by my waking up earlier than usual. I attribute this to the fact that I took the Tylenol Simply Sleep at 8:00 p.m. instead of 9 or 10 as I had been. The first two nights, I still could not wake up as planned. After taking it at 8 instead, I was successful! So afterwards, I came home and made a healthy low-carb breakfast of Turkey Bacon, and Grade A organic Eggs. As well, I put on a nice pot of strong coffee. This is the first time I have made coffee since I bought my big "ThermoServ" mug, so needless to say I was thrilled to indulge in this climactic event.

I proceeded to get ready for work, and after all that effort at making an "earlier" start, getting ready, I still arrived in the parking garage at the same time as I have been... WTF?? Where did I go wrong?? Do I have a built-in time clock now that says, "Nooo, just chill out it is not late enough for you to leave yet... Oh go the speed limit, you've got plenty of time!!" (Well, in my defense, going the speed limit has become a much better alternative to me than getting stopped by police every other day for going even 5 miles over, so I have toned it down... It's just not worth the hassle anymore).

Another thing that has attacked me lately in the great age of techno-heroin is a video game I loaded on my cellphone called "Traffic Mayhem". I innocently downloaded the trial version a few days ago, which seemed harmless enough. After the 30 second trial, it informed me that to continue I would have to buy the full version for $5.99. I have never bought a game for my cellphone before (I have bought a couple ring tones here and there, but that's all). The video-demon possessed my body and I could not rest until I was able to make "Sargent" of the traffic cops!! Greedily, I downloaded the full version, and hiding silently in the bathroom stall I played the game for several minutes. By this time, my right leg had fallen asleep and I was forced to put my progress on hold until I took another break, so I limped back to my desk with a heavy, tingling foot. "Or, maybe I can continue later, in heavy traffic on the way home!", I thought to myself. (I live dangerously, what can I say-I'm a rebel!). Only kidding about that heavy traffic bit. ha-ha.

So now, I am hopped up on caffeine and binging on a tiny, evil video game... the future of all web development could be in dire straits if something or someone doesn't come to the rescue!!! The only thing that will make me stop this madness is some sexy, Latino hunk of man. But who?? Wait a minute... It's a bird!! It's a Plane!! Is it MR. J?!?!?!--(well he's a sexy 25% Latino hunk) but NOOO!!! It's... Enrique Iglesias!!! YAY!! The future of Web Development is safe... for now. ;)


Jay said...

All those little arcade like video games on the net are evil too. They draw me in and I have to play them until I get good at them. Then after I get good at them I can give them up.


Enrique Igleneglisiastithingy????


You have betrayed your punk roots and will be forever damned to listen to middle of the road music with smatterings of Dolly Parton.


Aunt Jackie said...

Hahaha Jay!! Yeah, what is it with these little evil games??? :D

My Loving Dinners!!! You know better!!! I can't even listen to the music... stuff a rag in his mouth and he can hang around for a few minutes ROFL!!! NO way!!! I abhor his music... I just like his face :D It was just for the sake of comedy anyway. ;)

If you stand side-by-side Enrique, Jello Biafra and Johnny Rotten together, of course I'd be listening to the latter two while sandwiched somewhere in between... (evil giggle).

captain corky said...

I love coffee and I'm kind of on a low carb diet right now. Games are cool, but men do nothing for me. Now women on the other hand... wa, wa, wa

Further on up the road said...

My latest car has a speed limiter and a cruise control. The limiter is great in traffic you set it and drive as you get to the limit it's just like someone is holding the car back. In road works on the motorway to work there are some bridge repairs so 50mph restriction and every other day a mobile speed camera. I just sit there foot to the floor watching everyone else slamming their brakes on. So relaxing.

I actually helped someone get a new fangled web part working on our team Sharepoint site yesterday. I hate Sharepoint but clearly the old boy hasn't lost the touch... :-)

Chalice said...

I go thru phases where I emerse myself in video games. My latest infatuation is a little Turbo 21 game. I am an addict...

COFFEE you say? I am drinking some now. It's become a daily thing the last few weeks... God Im getting old..

Aunt Jackie said...

Corky!! Who are you today, Chachi?? lol

Further!! Good to know! Nice to feel helpful eh?

Chalice! We shall forget how old we are, I didn't hear that--hehe

Chucky said...

Sounds like one hell of a day.

My Thursday kinda sucked.

I do need to get a game for my cellphone. Why oh why haven't I do so yet.