Monday, September 10, 2007

Metal Monday

I love metal music, and I love animals as you can all tell. When the two happen to come together, I think it's twice as Badass! Recently, I became aware of a Grindcore band called "Caninus", from Brooklyn, NY, who record and use their Pit Bull dogs as lead singers (To listen in, Visit the Caninus MySpace page. The guys promote animal rights and vegan lifestyle from what I can tell on their site, but I can't help but laugh when I listen... They say all they wanted to do is have fun and play music, and I can totally identify with that... the dogs are pretty cute too. Suck on that Michael Vick.

Another interesting article I read was For Those About To Squawk. This one highlights a similar situation with a an African Grey Parrot named "Waldo" who sings lead for a band called "Hatebeak". I've seen birds do some pretty crazy stuff, everything from beat boxing to head banging, and I believe they could probably head up a metal band too... this bird proves it.

Score one for all these animals who continue to prove that they are more than just feathers and fur, they are our best friends, and they're our family. Sometimes these magnificent creatures show us that they can do whatever we do... maybe even better.

Do yourself a favor, check out their MySpaces/links above and listen in... and have a Happy Metal Monday you animals you!


Cynnie said...

animals ..

i have pets, and i love them..

but i'd eat a dog in a heartbeat if i was hungry enough ..

hell..if i was hungry enough i'd eat my neighbor..

Dont ever get in a plane crash in the andes with me little girl ..
thats all i can say.

her indoors said...

love animals, and yes my dog is part of my family, unconditional love


"they use their pit bull dogs as lead vocals"

....suddenly I'm feeling very old


Actually I ate a few dogs before I met Caz but perhaps we shouldn't go there....

I did but we shouldn't....

captain corky said...

All my cats seem to do is eat, sleep and shit. Just like me and Corky Jr. ;)

Nothingman said...

No, that takes the cake really...i mean that is the limit. metal and animals. My boss's gonna love this...browney points for me ha ha ha

thanks AJ! You Rock \m/


honkeie2 said...

I eat alot of chinese food so I am sure I have eaten cat and dog before.
Metal rox but I am not to sure about the animals on vocal thing.

Jay said...

I love dogs. Cats I can live without.

I'm a metal fan too.

Aunt Jackie said...

I love animals of all kinds!

Glad you guys enjoyed this... I sure did.