Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hallelujah, Gas Is Good

Hey, I have been occupied a bit over the weekend, and haven't had a chance to blog in depth, and none of it is interesting enough to report, just another weekend around the Woods and all. So I thought you guys might like to see a return of "The Farting Preacher". Some may have seen him, some may not have. At any rate, whoever did this is hilarious... Well, I mean the preacher himself made it kind of easy but I laugh every time I see a video of this... Enjoy and hope your week is a gas!


awaiting said...

Heehee, I saw this! I laughed my ass off. Much needed laugh, I might add. Mighta farted a few times myself while laughing--I refuse to say though.

Jay said...


Adding fart noises to the audio is about the best thing anyone can do with these guys.

captain corky said...

Have a great week Jackie. I had way too much gas this morning. Thanks for letting me share that. ;)

honkeie2 said...

I have seen this before and each time I cannt stop laughing. But my thing with this guy is this:
Take out the farting and what the hell is he doing. It seems like someone is shocking him of something.

Aunt Jackie said...

Awaiting: Yes, I've posted this around before, but I can't get tired of it... LOL!!!

Jay: Yes, I agree... it's the best thing I have heard from them truly.

Corky: Thank you for sharing too! ;)

Honkeie2: It is pretty hilarious... This guy is like "made for" the farting... I mean it fits so perfectly!! LOL!!