Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Like Me

Another weekend has passed and I have been simply drained of energy. I don't know why, just unable to wake up and feel very alive today mostly. Hope the feeling passes soon. Sorry If I have missed making it around to your blog in the last couple days, i'll try to catch up soon and come by and say hello.

Last night was a good one, I had a great time listening to Cappy's radio show, he played a few songs throughout his broadcast that I requested and had some really good ones... Then we went on to see the Homemade Jamz Blues Band play at the Ground Zero Blues Club, and they were really great to see in person. Those kids are so talented! Our drummer, Rob and his girlfriend Meg went with us and had a blast.

Then today it was back to lazy and drained of energy as I overslept and then got zero accomplished! As usual, I have to hope for the best and a new start with a new week ahead. Probably be the same story all over again, but we have to have 'hope' right? Fine, i'll try.

Anyway, know who I miss?? "L7" a really cool girl band that Tamra and I used to listen to all the time... Lots of fun times riding in the car listening to them. Have a good one, hopefully i'll be around with a better outlook this week.


cappy said...

how spooky was that? it was only friday morning that my boss and me were saying whatever happened to L7? and there they are! always remember seeing them on a show over here called the word, and they dropped their drawers at the end! so funny.
glad you enjoyed saturday, i know i did! pop by any time!

Barnze said...

Sounds like a good one.


stayed in bed until 1 in the afternoon today!!! Mind you I played football Sunday so needed recovery time. Cappy's show is magic. Missed it - again - due to falling asleep - again. I think I'm a reincarnated bear or some'at as I sleep a lot until summer comes.

captain corky said...

I was pretty lazy this weekend myself. I didn't do anything until I went to work last night. The weekend still went by to fast.