Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Always A Wednesday

{From comedian Dane Cook: -"Back in the day, which is always a Wednesday..."} --yeah I know, you think Dane sucks, right?
--moving along--

What I'm Up To:

  • Trying desperately to finish up taxes, which have stressed me out, and I'm lost on.

  • Busy with a many projects at work.

  • Trying to come up with a nice little storyline for a short story I'm about to write.

  • Working on artwork for my band's CD and website (which I'm having trouble getting the time to finalize too.

  • Other general household crap.

What's coming up:
  • Tonight (Wed), Meggy Moon's Crazy Talk Radio Show (Go and listen if you haven't so far, and be sure to call in! She'd appreciate it.

  • Thursday... Thursday's coming up tomorrow, and I don't have anything to say about it.

  • The Weekend, yeah that's coming up too... as well as the rest of our lives (indeterminate amount of time, I'll get back to you on that one).

    Finally, if are still somehow, in any way bored after reading everything I just posted, then I give you:
  • A Wiki Page With Alot of Cool Facts About Wednesdays If Ya Wanna...

    That's all folks!... Oh yeah, before I forget to disgust you...


RockDog said...

Thanx for reminding me about that radio show! For some reason I thought it was alst night.

Forget about the taxes...what can they do? Throw you in prison? LOL!

captain corky said...

I always take care of my taxes in February. I don't think I make enough money for the IRS to care about me one way or another.

JINKS said...


ah, death and taxes.. who was it had so much to say about them?..well, that time of year i guess and gosh darn its good to see Mr. and Mrs. Humpday again.....sweet neighbors, kinda loud at times but good people.

RockDog said...

PS...You called it, Dane DOES suck! LOL!

Blublood said...

Dane is SUCK!!!!! Well, have a fantastic Hump Day Jackie and i love that picture...!!!!!


Dan said...

Jackie! How's it going buddy! You have a band? Your band has a CD? How cool is that?

And yes, I'm still doing my taxes like you.

But the weekend is almost upon us! HOORAY!!! :)

AuntJackie said...

Rock, Dane doesn't suck you just wish he did!! lol

Corky, They care... i'm sure of it. Stop paying and see what happens!! lol

Jinks, yes they said to tell you hello and that it has been all too quiet over at the Jinkses and you guys should visit!

Blu, you're late. But thanks N-E-Wayz :(

Dan, not that cool probably but still fun...

I'm def! Ready! Fo-D-Weekend. :-\