Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jukebox Tuesday

Everyone, my sister Vickie made me all emotional and misty today. That's not a hard thing to do by any means, but she deliberately tried to make me cry!! I'm kidding... well sort of. She sent me the neatest page. It's a Jukebox player of all the popular music from 1950 through 1984. It's really cool... Just because. Now it doesn't have hardcore, or much punk or whatever, but it's still a walk down memory lane, and as I'm eclectic anyway, most all music moves me so thanks alot VICKIE for getting me all Verklempt (Talk amonsgt y'selves! I'll give you a topic: Duran Duran was neither a Duran, nor a Duran... DISCUSS!!) **clears throat, wipes tear from eye**

Ok, so all you do is click on the link above (or below) and select a year, turn up the speakers and jam, or break dance, or do the robot or the twist, whatever happens your bag man... Enjoy (courtesy of my sadistic sister).

Once again it is the Playa Cofi Jukebox... enjoy!

(and i'll be back later with more Tuesday fun).



where's the punk?????? still Men at Work's Down Under had me singin out loud (too loud I think, the cats have run off)

RockDog said...


Aunt Jackie said...

Four Dinners: Yeah that's what I was thinking, I would like to hear some heavier stuff, Punk and all that, but I'll take what I can get--it was cool :)

Rockdog: Glad to see ya! I'm sure you were jamming to some Hall and Oates... lol j/k

Cindi said...

Wow, I love this site. Thanks! I should be going to sleep but I keep wanting to listen to more!
I listened to music from the year I was born and then listened to the year that I graduated from high school...then the year my daughter was born...so on and so on. I will have to show this to my friends and family.

Blublood said...

I have just about, if not all of Duran Duran's music....I like all kinds of music especially the old stuff.

Thanks Jackie and Vickie for the Jukebox...