Thursday, March 08, 2007

Losing My Religion

Or losing patience more so. Those that know me well, know that I am not a morning person in the least. Also, during those tender loving morning hours you will find me in a bit of a rush too because I am a procrastinator, running late, hitting the snooze button one too many times.

This morning, I was doing pretty good though as Richie and I are once again tackling the Couch to 5K running plan. So I'd already had my morning walk/run and had some good healthy oatmeal in my belly.

Plenty of time to spare, not plenty but more than usual so I stop off at the gas station for a quick fill-up. I'm nearly finished pumping the petrol, close the gas cap, and I'm veering towards my door to get in and head on towards my work day. Just then I am obstructed by none other than an early-bird Jehovah's Witness. These Jehovah's Witnesses used to come to our house it seemed a lot when I was a child. That was pretty brave of them as we had an extensively long driveway. They must've really been dedicated. I recall once when offered their literature, my Mother chased them back out the door offering them back some of her very own "literature". Then my Weenie Dog tried to jump in their van and ride away with them, which I didn't like at all.

Well anyway, as I was approached by this particularly pleasant JH--She came forward and said, "Excuse Me Ma'am?"

I do not like being approached at Gas stations much because normally, it's some scam artist trying to beg for money, or wash your windshield, or you might be concerned that they're going to rob you or something of that nature. So my mind immediately analyzes the situation and scans her for any signs of threat... Crime is an equal-opportunity gig these days, so I don't rule anyone out!

She continues, "I have some literature that I'd like to share with you if you're interested, it's called The Watchtower and..."

I interject "Oh, no thank you ma'am I am a member of the church just down the road." I lied...

"Oh, alright then, thank you." She said.

Truthfully, I'm a member of a Church down the road from my mother in which I haven't attended in probably 15 years... like many of you have commented, I don't really do organized religion. Not that I'm not a spiritual person, but I'm just not into that sort of thing like my Mother would have intended. She would call that "Straying away from the Church"... she went on and allowed me to find myself, but always hoped and prayed that I would find my way back and do what was right. I just don't believe that you have to all gather in one building and perform any certain rituals together to be a good person. I think as long as you feel good about your life, and you live life with no regrets and you make yourself an example of all that you think is good and fair, living by example I guess you could say, then you're doing the best you can.

It's the hypocrites that I could do without. Churches and Organized Religions have become just another weapon for groups of people to gather together and look down their noses at the others that don't join them in their beliefs. Just another "Social" elitist club. Who's to say which one is right? Who's going to Heaven or Hell, or exactly where either of those places might be? You won't really know that for sure until your time comes. If you're snubbing your nose at me for who I am, or telling me what's wrong with my life you're not right yourself... and most people like that have far more screwed up lives than you can imagine.

Also, Jehovah's Witnesses are not the only religious movement that runs around, even door-to-door trying to bend an ear, or force their beliefs on others. We were once visited by the Mormons, which Richie didn't turn away because he loves to learn so much anyway, and likes learning about everyone else's cultures and religions, so he thought it might be interesting. Well, his interesting little tidbit turned into a 4 hour session with these guys who had planned to come back and share more of their "Story" on Saturday. I ended up having to enlist the help of my friend Tamra to make up some excuse to get these guys to leave us alone finally. Guess we could've handled that better, but that's another story though-lol.

Hadn't meant for this weeks topics to weigh in so heavily on religions, but basically what I have posted about religions I meant for you to glean some humor from these scenarios. It's all really funny to me, especially when you see things like the statue I posted yesterday, and the behavior of most of our religious figures... So laugh along with me as I continue losing my religion! :)


captain corky said...

Great cartoon. I'm not into organized religion either. I work with three holly rollers that talk to me about Christ and salvation all the time. They're to judgemental for my tastes, and they definitely fear the world to much.

Chelly said...

"Truthfully, I'm a member of a Church down the road from my mother in which I haven't attended in probably 15 years..."

It's like you know me! :)

PS: I miss the hymns though

Anonymous said...


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