Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica is my best friend Tamra's daughter... I can't say "little girl" because she's growing up all-too-fast, and is no longer a 'little girl', plus she'd get mad at me for saying it since she's 14 now... I've been Trick-or-Treating with her, trips to the mall with her when she was still in a child-seat, rocking out to her Mom's metal music and watching MTV and Southpark all the while! She's a really cool cat, and she knows it... so I just wanted to wish her the Happiest Birthday ever!!

So Jessica, and anybody else who has a March 20th Birthday, hope it is a terrific day--you share it with these other superstars (some of which have passed on--r.i.p Mr. Rogers)!!

Happy Birthday to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington (1976), Franz Ferdinand singer Alexander Kapranos (1972), supermodel Kathy Ireland (1963), "Harry Potter" actor David Thewlis (1963), "Thirteen" star Holly Hunter (1958), actress Theresa Russell (1957), film director Spike Lee (1957), Emerson, Lake & Palmer drummer Carl Palmer (1950), "Dune" star William Hurt (1950), Canadian hockey legend Bobby Orr (1948), "Guitar Man" Jerry Reed (1937), "Barney Miller" star Hal Linden (1931), children's television host Fred Rogers (1928; d. 2003), director Carl Reiner (1922), actor/bandleader Ozzie Nelson (1906; d. 1975), and Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828; d. 1906).

Now, in other news, I thought I would list these three (3) strange things I saw on the way in this morning... just happened to notice them and thought I would make note:

  1. A woman in the parking lot of a daycare center being held at gunpoint by the police

  2. A man riding a bicycle while chatting on the cellphone

  3. A woman walking in a 'jogging-style motion' very slowly near the river with an extreme smile on her face and weird sunglasses
Everywhere you look, there's something to see. So what did you see today??


her indoors said...

happy birthday to Jessica


nowt. I was asleep after a night shift. happy birthday Jess

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Jessica and hello to you too AJ xx

awaiting said...

Hey Jackie!! And happy, happy birthday, Jessica!