Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday "Crap"

I know it's Friday, I wish I could post something but I feel like a complete Turd today... one covered in flies that's been out in the middle of a lone pasture and forgotten... Plain and simple. I hate to sound graphic about it, but I just feel like total crap... It's not that I'm sick, it's just my mood--I feel totally disgusting and fat, I feel like renaming myself "Shamu". To top it off, I wore a hideous brown suit because I had nothing else to wear this morning, and that only intensified the "Turd Syndrome" that I already had going on...

I won't elaborate any further--Some of you will understand this feeling, others will think I'm nuts for feeling this way, but either way, don't step too close to me because you'll get it all over your shoes.

When I was looking for a picture to illustrate my "Turdism", I found the strangest thing called the Turd Twister. I'm amazed, horrified and yet somehow jealous that someone made this invention and is probably sitting home comfortable in their millions right now, while I'm out feeling like a Turd, trying to make a living. Go figure... the world is just a shitty-good place to live I guess... Hope your Friday doesn't stink.... A.J.

Here's the Turd Twister (click pic or link to visit page-let nothing to go waste in the name of Art I guess).


RockDog said...

I ordered one...I'll post pictures of me using it soon... LOL!

Cheer up AJ! The weekend is here...that has to be good for something!

her indoors said...

i know the feeling well! Hope the weekend brings you out of the 'turdism' x

Chucky said...

the turd twister sounds like a good ol' time!

Family Fun!

I know that feeling. It's no fun at all. Hope your weekend goes better.

Beefcake Almighty said...

Why do I feel the uncontrollable urge to go poop now?

Aunt Jackie said...

Rock: lol, can't wait for that one... :) Yes, I guess the weekend is nothing to sneeze at.

HerIndoors: Thanks you're very appreciated!

Chucky: Perhaps you could join Rock in a contest of who can create the best masterpiece? hehe.

Beefcake: I have that effect on people sometimes! I do apologize.