Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just One Last Rant

Forgive me for this last 'bitching' that I am about to give ya... I found something else I noticed today while I was out and about running errands.

To all pedestrians and drivers (especially Memphis pedestrians and Memphis Drivers):

I am not one of those drivers that 'tries to look like I'm going to run over you in the street', or even that would (unless I was given good reason). Also, I surely understand the hustle and bustle of life and everyone's busy and has much to do-and maybe that the laws of "Jaywalking" have loosened up a bit.

But PLEASE people, do not go walking across a busy intersection in the middle of the day (in the middle of a city like Memphis nonetheless) when the light is green and people are trying to get somewhere. You're risking your own life just trying to look tough. If you are GOING to do this no matter what I beg of you, then please don't start off running across the street in this way, only to make eye contact with me as if to "dare" me to hit you, and then slow down to a walking pace... You're just asking for trouble. I might not take you up on the offer, but I assure you you're going to piss off the wrong person eventually.

Can we PLEASE start to give back a little common courtesy to each other in the stores, in the parking lots, on the streets?? We act like we're out to get each other, trying to Kill one another in order to be the first person to get somewhere (where are you going exactly? You do know that we're not all trying to get there before you, right?). You're not going to be the first person to get 'anywhere' no matter how many times you cut me off or jump in front of me, so why not just drive like a human being? And if you do so happen to be the first person to arrive at this proverbial 'somewhere', then you're probably going to get there just in time to get stalled by the 10 car pile up some driver far more reckless than you (if that's possible) just caused. So you may as well just turn up the radio, relax and save a few lives today.

Now, I know I said one last rant-but give me a break, you didn't believe that did you??? I got another one while I'm thinking of it.

I had to stop at the Grocery store on my lunch break, and there was this little boy driving all over the store with one of those 'cute' little miniature carts that said "Shopper in Training". This is some sort of sadistic joke, right?? I am a good mind to write the company and complain about this little invention. All these irresponsible parents need is something else to distract their child while they can shop in peace, so the kid won't be begging for candy and treats, but believe me the rest of your shoppers are getting pissed off. This child made every isle of the store, speeding down through the already crowded isles with his little 'cart', trying to run over people and "honking his horn" trying to get us to move out of HIS way... I didn't budge. The kid nearly ran into an 80-something year old man in his attempt to cut-a-curb... This type of behavior is unacceptable. Parents need to be responsible and keep their children by their side at all times, for the safety of everyone around... also discipline has never hurt anyone--and I assure you, your little brat has not had enough of it. Neither his mother or father were anywhere to be found, as he zoomed around the store like a race-car driver.

So, To All the Parents:

Would you PLEASE wrangle up your little heathen children and not let them run wild all over the store like some zoo animal?? For their safety as well as the other shoppers (grocery stores, retail, anywhere). First, and most important I guess is that there are some crazy people out there. Someone could kidnap your child and it happens more and more every day! Grocery stores are not necessarily a safe haven. The psychos are out everywhere... better safe than sorry... I'm sorry that 'little Johnny' is a pain to take shopping, we feel your agony... But you had him, he's your responsibility so act like a parent... Keep him by your side, make him behave or shop online... Believe me, we all think your little monster is a shithead and we want to smack him, so you better do it before we get the chance.

More and more everyday, I see that stupid people are continuing to breed... God help us all!


awaiting said...

You've posted on some of the main reasons I don't drive. That and I don't have a car. But heck, even if I had a car...

And to those bad chillun that are always running buckwild in the store...I just don't get it...get a hold to em!

And I saw Heroes...I responded at my spot! :)

Pink Drama said...

i have a nephew who is absolutely terrible anywhere and everywhere he goes. his father thinks he pees gold and doesn't care. i don't understand parents like that.

i don't watch heroes. couldn't get interested in it.

and i get nervous driving in a place i'm familiar with. don't get me started on driving someplace that actually has more than 2 lanes going different directions.

Tisha! said...

ha ha ha you have a great sense of humor babe!

always shocks me how some idiot pedestrians cross streets and even highways as if they are ghosts and can't be run over! the worse is a dark-skinned person wearing black at night DAMN we almost ran him over!!

have a lovely day sweetheart and thanks for all your wonderful comments and advice!

much love

Barnze said...


Made me smile this morning,Have a good one.

Nana said...

Have you ever been in a store where kids are wearing Heelys? Man someone is going to get hurt. They are crazy on them at Wal-Mart. Ought to be a Law!!!

captain corky said...

I think we should all get together and right a book about the many different asshole we encounter while driving. I could do a chapter on Kentucky and New Jersey. You could do Tennessee and Rockdog could do New York.

Blublood said...

Holy Shit....I have felt that way so many times in my life as i am a driver by trade. As far as the other everyday annoyance I definitely agree that people need to get a grip. Not only of there kids but of themselves as well.

Life is too short to hurry...

It seems we as humans have the tendency to want to hurry up and wait....

Rant On Jackie...


JINKS said...

Auntie J....tsk, tsk, tsk....don't you see what is happening here.....you are getting pay back child..I suspect you gave as good as you are getting now in your own youth. Lets be fair.....where else can the little rats run free now days? Sure their moms know someone could snatch them into next week.....so don't go blowing it for the moms....we're all just looking for a little break....cut some slack.....jack.

Aunt Jackie said...

Awaiting: Girl yes I got your response. I just wouldn't have felt right if I had spoiled it for you!

Pink: You don't wanna drive in Memphis then! Yes, my parents were very old school and expected us to behave... we DID!

Tisha: You're so silly girl, I guess everybody needs to play safe where other drivers are concerned because you can't trust anyone on the road... it's a demolition derby.

Barnze: I made you laugh, that's a great compliment! Thanks ;)

Nana: What'chu talkin bout Willis???

Corky: Great idea! With our skills and my looks, I smell a #1 seller... hee hee

Blu: You be careful out there, especially driving commercially. Most of them drive scary as hell, not like my Dad-he was the best driver I ever knew. What are we rushing towards... death?? I'm not in a hurry for that.

Jinksy: You don't know my parents... and nope we were good, especially at other people's houses and in public. We had respect. Nope--not getting paybacks from being unbehaved as a child. As an adult?? Maybe--not as a child though.

Dan said...

Would you PLEASE wrangle up your little heathen children and not let them run wild all over the store like some zoo animal??

HA HA!! I agree 100%. And yes, they keep breeding. We can use all the help we can get.

Incidentally, I LOVE your new profile photo. You have a very winning smile!

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes Dan I think we have a team in agreement there, let's form a big posse and hit up all the stores ratting out these deadbeat parents!!!
Thank you, i'm glad you like the new snapshot. And Glad to see you stop by. :)

JINKS said...

Aunt Jackie, you are correct. I don't know your parents. Good luck with the posse.

Nana said...

Jinks..AJ is probably getting payback for those teen years....not the model teen for older parents!!! This is from an older sister's view mind you! She was a bit on the sneaky side...or so she thought!

Mike E said...

Well. Trouble is I like to scoot out at mid day during green lights and dodge oncoming cars in the middle of full-blown busy intersections.

I'm with you on them screamin kiddoz though! And I like kids. I do really. I just think there should be a 10 year world-wide moratorium on having them.

Just to give everyone a chance to get a handle on the current batch of rug rats.

I think that would solve a ton of planet Earth's problems.

Ok. Off to play in traffic (hey someone has to be a role model to the Youth!)