Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Seem to be much more skillful cooking Indian Cuisine. I went Friday at lunchtime and got a first-hand lesson with one of our team lead's Mother. She showed me how to make whole wheat chapati bread (which is another flat bread), and a very good curry-type okra dish. She is a delicious cook, and I tried to take some notes in the small amount of time I got to see her at work.

So this weekend, I took on my very own Indian Cuisine meal. It consisted of the curried okra dish that I learned, a very good vegetable long-grain wild rice (I was testing this) in the style of what they commonly refer to as "lemon rice", my newly-learned Chapatis, a bit of Raita (yogurt/onion dipping sauce) and a spicy curry chicken dish that I put together with a curry paste recipe that Barnze set me up with, Cheers to you Barnze! It worked out very well (as you can see)!

That's right! Hand-prepared by Aunt Jackie herself!!
So we settled in for a nice meal, and afterwards, I guess I might have some Chai and a hot bubble bath... it's time to unwind and mentally prepare for a new week... and hope for a productive, positive one.

I've missed you all weekend everyone, seems like there was nobody around and I'm sure everybody was busy, and out enjoying the impending spring weather... Hopefully the hour we lost from Daylight Savings Time, for those who are affected, have adjusted o.k... Have a great week!


Chelly said...

Bravo Aunt Jackie! Your chapati's look just like my mum's. Everything looks great. My mouth's watering! I wish I could reach into that pic and take a bite.

Chelly bows down to Jax :)

PS: daylight savings has left me groggy!

Aunt Jackie said...

Really??? So the Chapatis look right? Cool... Vikram said they look a tad crispy, but they're not too crispy. It's my first dough batch.

It was good though! :)

Thank you Chelly Welly!!!

Riana said...

Come on, take your hot bubble bath. I did, and it felt grrrreeeeeeaaattt.

Have a good week.

An,d btw, I linked you up at my post about bubble bath.

Barnze said...

Looks good,glad the paste worked out for you,I ain't made any chapatis,i'm no good at that sort of thing!

RockDog said...

Damn! Looks like a right fine meal, Ma'am! Good job!

Aunt Jackie said...

Riana: Thanks for the link-looks like a good site you have there! I'll pay another visit soon!

Barnze: The Chapatis are not very hard, we'll have to get you up on your breads soon. :)

Rockdog: Thanks man, wish I could share... hehe. Richie wishes he could share now too, he overate and was miserable.

Steven Novak said...

Jackie, I'm gonna be honest...and don't take this the wrong way, but, well...that looks fucking disgusting. ;)


Aunt Jackie said...

Everyone has different tastes, I know that, but rest assured it was delish!

her indoors said...

that looks great wish i could have come for dinner at yours

awaiting said...

Ok, now you've gone and gotten me all hungry!!

I was so prepared to make a simple baked chicken breast dinner tonight, now there is no way I will be happy with that!!

Off to Betty!