Sunday, March 18, 2007

Worship Me, Sacrafice Your Life

Trying to get started today, so I took this little quiz over at Chelly's However Blog, about the 'movie of your life'... Turns out that mine would be:!

Guess I better get out here and try to live up to that before they pull the plug on the project--I'd hate to lose Quentin Tarantino as a director!!! I'm cooking up a Sunday Story, so check back. I will not dissappoint and it will be my gift to you, which promises to top off the weekend and help us all make it through... you believe in me, right??? hehe...

Take this quiz at


Chelly said...

Sounds like a cool flick! I'd definitely see that.

Blublood said...

Okay, you are incarnate GOD....Well, so am I, seriously....!!!! And where is that Sunday story...? Hmmmmm?


RockDog said...

I did the little quizy quiz and got a film title of A Narcoleptic Prostitute's Story, directed by Kevin Smith.

Which is pretty damn funny since I subscribe to Kevin Smith's blog and think he is hilarious!