Monday, March 19, 2007

Dog and Cat Food Recall!

Please read This Press Release (pdf), which you can download and print--It is information regarding a precautionary Cat and Dog food recall that happened to various brands of these products which were harming pets, including health problems such as kidney failure and death, so it is no joke.

Also, you can Check Out This Page for More Information.

I had to put this in as fast as I could, as I hope nobody has been affected by any harmful products for their animals... Even if you don't have pets yourselves, please make your friends and neighbors who do have animals aware of this so that they can prevent any possible pet tragedies. I know that not all of you are animal lovers, but that most of you are so find it in your heart to at least pass it along. Here is one news article about it.


Pet food recall hits home for Cape Girardeau cat owner

Thanks everyone!

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