Sunday, September 17, 2006

Totally Burned Out

Wishing for cold crisp fall now more than ever. Something has yet again happened to our air conditioner, and once again, the air conditioner guy is taking his sweet time to get here. It is times like this when I second, maybe third and fourth guess owning a home. Pros and cons. Has been so sticky and hot in here, I took a bath in cold, yes cold water, and came out still feeling like I had sunburn. This is misery... Couldn't happen on one of those days where it actually did feel cool outside... no, today when it is sticky and 90+ degrees. Feels like a complete sauna! I can't think of anything interesting to say because my brain is totally consumed by the humidity.

Gonna go outside and see if it is any cooler there... Please God let it snow.


Anonymous said...

Come to my house ...follow is cool can sleep on my couch....OR IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

It's sad when you can pinpoint "Anonymous" as your sarcastic and long-lost sister. ha-ha

the cappuccino kid. said...

sit next to the larson caroon. thats cool! (love him)
your sister!

the cappuccino kid. said...

and odd in a good way!


Aunt Jackie said...

Ha-ha... yes, she is very cool. We have always been big Gary Larson and Saturday Night Live fans! (that might shed some light on our 'oddness' in a good way)... I think (scratches head)

Nana said...

Yes I am least my air conditioner is working...come to my house..............please for Richie's sake.