Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Explicitly Speaking

Just cruising through the past events of this date in history, and I was reminded of 1985, when Frank Zappa, Ozzy I think, among other musicians testified at the
Congressional hearings on obscenity in rock music.
That certainly stirred some controversy, and has been a growing issue for some time. Freedom of speech is supposed to be what we're all about, but more often than not, we are silenced. We're told more and more every day what we're supposed to think and say. I'm sure we've all gotten very familiar with the 'parental advisory' symbol. I bet they didn't count on the resulting boost in sales, rather than preventing kids from listening to the music that it marked. Come on you guys, it's well known that whatever we're not allowed becomes much more desirable, and even more sought after.

Yes, I remember when all of that happened, not because I am good at keeping up on current events (because i'm not really) I was pretty young then. I knew about it because I was such a huge Saturday Night Live fantatic. If anyone remembers, SNL did a skit wherein John Lovitz played Satan, and he was in court for these 'hearings'. They had people playing the parts for Ozzy and Zappa as well. Kevin Nealand, Jan Hooks among others played the Senate committee and John Lovitz (as Satan), uses Zappa as his pawn, forcing him to dance and testify for him. Satan (Lovitz) also mezmerizes the entire Senate staff into 'Following him and Sacraficing their life', as he plays them a cut off his latest album. Very hilarious skit! I can't find a video though, because NBC is very strict with their rights on the video clips of those old SNL favorites--but I think you can get it on John Lovitz's greatest hits DVD. They don't make them like that anymore. Saturday Night Live's skits may not have solved the world's problems, or changed anything about the state of the world and its leaders, but they sure have given us some great excuses to laugh at them!


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