Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smoke Stack Mountain

Willie never ceases to amaze us, what with his long line of hits from his very successful music career, to his continuous work to help the environment and Solve Our Fuel Problem, or even his recent venture outside closets everwhere giving musically for the movie Brokeback Mountain. He is really one-of-a-kind.
However, we are SHOCKED (not) at his very latest twist that he has gotten himself into... seems he ran into a bit of trouble with the law recently. Read More about Willie's Run-in with the law here. I jest, they must know that they caught Willie on a 'slow day', but then they only made it a misdemeanor so guess they weren't suprised either. He does keep us entertained though. Here's to you Willie! Your sad songs would 'bring a tear to a glass eye'. Put this one up for my neice, Kristie, who loves Willie Nelson almost as much as she does Johnny Cash.


Kris said...

Nobody slides my friend it's a truth on which you can depend
If you're living a lie it will eat you alive and nobody slides my friend
Nobody slides my friend you can try it but you'll never win
You can scream you can shout but it all evens out
And nobody slides my friend
Nobody slides my friend listen I'll say it again
You can run you can hide but it's still waitin' inside
And nobody slides my friend

chelly said...

I love Willie Nelson too! A cool guy.

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes, and I hope you guys enjoy the fact that I have a talent for finding these guys photo's of 'flipping the bird'... lol I just find it humorous for some reason :) **but i'm kooky**