Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kiss the Cook, these are delicious!

Last night, I made "Dolmas" (traditional Greek dish of Stuffed Grape Leaves).... Mmmm Mmm good! I've made them twice now, and I must say that i'm getting pretty good at them. Took some to work in a container, and they are even better after chilling overnight in the fridge. In my experience, they serve-up best with a nice greek salad, with olives, onions, feta cheese, peppers, & of course, hummus with warm pita bread. Mr. J liked them too-as I made them at his request. Very good little snack dish if you haven't tried them, that is if you are a fan of greek dishes.

Looks like today was a popular day to be born ; Happy Birthday goes out to:

That list might have been longer, but I made note of the ones that I most recognized... Let's see, to be born on this date, given the approximate gestation of humans, hmmm... That means there is alot of Holiday lovin going on during the X-mas holidays... well somewhere between then and the new year. Who says Mistletoe is harmless!! However, if you get specific with a 266 day average gestation, these guys very well could have been conceived on "Mungday" (the 5th of the month--not sure what Mungday means? Then click Here But, no matter when you were born, have a wonderful day and as Mom always used to say, look both ways before crossing the street and always wear clean underwear. You just never know.


Barnze said...

we had our fill of those while on holiday..Nice!

Aunt Jackie said...

Delish! I must travel one day and try the real thing!

Barnze said...

Greece is a great country to travel to,the people are brill the food is great and the wasps are fucking massive.

Aunt Jackie said...

Wasps?? Did you say Wasps?? Oh jesus-That's one of my big phobias... right there with Clowns they are. Like tiny clowns that sting!