Sunday, September 17, 2006

Captain's Blog Stardate 917.06

(cheesy I know)...
In an attempt to get some relief from this insane humidity, I went on an expedition to the gas station to fill up my tank (something you will rarely catch me doing ahead of time), and I went to the car wash so I could listen to some music and soak up some of my car's arctic air. The clouds have been collecting today, and the sky keeps promising to rain, I saw a few droplets here and there. The darkened sky and the breeze outside today, hinting between summer and fall (but unable to make up its mind) are severely reminding me of home.

I miss home sometimes very badly, and by home I guess I mean the whole package... Youth, Mom and Dad, my family, the good ole' days when we were all 'little' (you know-the way we were then), or even just 'younger'... riding around aimlessly without thoughts of wasting gas, college-staying out all night, thunderstorms, snow, the music of my childhood, and just that general feeling that was in the air I guess (maybe it's different for everybody), everything was just different then, and the days seemed longer... It was cool, it was innocent and sweet (yet sometimes not so innocent) and there was always just this 'magic' in everything that we did. What happens to it all? Where does everyone go? Where does the magic go? You see snippets of it sometimes when you hear a certain song, or a certain scent trickles through the sweet breeze that flies by for a quick second, through your hair, whispering in your ear... and you get the feeling...once again. For just that moment, you're not quite certain, but you might still be there, maybe you fell back in time, or maybe you were there all the time but just dreamed about the future last night and you're waking up now... either way, it's welcome here any time.

[And air conditioner guy, hear me loud and clear... you do not want me to come over there!]


the cappuccino kid. said...

i hope for your sanity, and the air con guys health, you cool off soon! ta for the linky too, you're up on mine!

chelly said...

Another lovely post Jackie. I can totally relate.

PS: air conditioners are my best friends

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Chelly for always having something positive and uplifting-I also get an uplift from visiting yours. Love reminiscing!