Friday, September 01, 2006

The Funny Thing About Clowns

"Kiss Me Fat Boy!!"

Humor and Clowns, contrary to popular belief do not go hand in hand. The plain and simple fact is, Clowns are just plain scary. What the hell are they hiding? Some of the most mentally deranged psychotics have been clowns by trade. Take John Wayne Gacy for instance. Made a career out of being "The Killer Clown".

This seems to only be a small serving of the mania that he and other clowns have caused. You can find a multitude of movies to send an icy chill up your spine. The very first clown to terrify me, I guess would have to be Pennywise (pictured above) from Stephen King's "It". To begin with, you know he's not a savory character, because let's face it. He hangs out in the sewer-no self respecting clown worth his salt would be caught dead in the sewer. They humiliate themselves enough by cramming an entire clown posse (no not ICP) into that tiny car that even Mr. Bean would turn his nose up at. And another thing, how about a little dental care Penny? Maybe you would get invited to more birthday parties if you didn't neglect your gums.

I jest, but I jet with arms flailing to the other side of the street if a clown is spotted within 2 mile radius. Sorry, but they've just got to be hiding something under all that nightmarish make-up(like maybe fifty dead adolescent boys)?

See for yourself...Mr. John Wayne Gacy
(serial killer, with a face that only a clown could love)

After being led into the death chamber, Gacy was asked if he had any last words, to which he replied: "Yeah; Kiss my ass."

Well wouldn't he just be a delightful highlight for any young child's party?

Since I have a very full morning planned, I had to make my Friday post the night before. We made it through the week, and the month of August. As the first day of the new month, I don't know anything of note to mention. However, I hope your weekend is all that you wish it to be, and that you don't have any ill-fated encounters with clowns. I know I will be avoiding them at all costs, but then I will be at a funeral, so I would hope that there wouldn't be any clowns lurking around graveyards. If so, I will have a sequel to this coming soon!


Barnze said...

Now i hate clowns,they ain't funny !Nuns and dwarves are the same,Evil fuckers all of um.

Aunt Jackie said...

Agreed. Dwarves, I hadn't considered but they are creepy. And catholisicm has produced its share of evil.

Barnze said...

Not sure why i don't like nuns but i don't???