Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sting Operation or mere Coincidence?

I know there has been alot of words swarming the internet about Steve Irwin since his uncanny death. My intentions were not to over-do that in any way, but I have to mention this.

10 stingrays killed since Irwin's death

Now, I realize that alot of people really liked the guy-and they enjoyed his show and his antics, but I seriously hope that people aren't going out and killing an innocent creature of the sea--just because of Steve Irwin's death! Please! I mean, The Crocodile Hunter was a nutcase, you have to admit that (even you fans), who would do anything when it came to animals, but he was not an animal killer. If he knew that someone was killing these stingrays in retribution for his death, he would go off the deep end. The stingray was only acting naturally, and did not intentionally kill this man... as Irwin was swimming over the top of the Stingray, the stingray's automatic reaction in nervousness, is to swish its tail. This is a defense mechanism that is instinctual, and their only way of defending themselves.

The Croc Hunter took risks every day doing what he loved, making those shows and dealing with wildlife. He knew he would eventually buy the entire farm. Animals only react for survival's sake, and cannot speak for themselves or otherwise defend themselves. It's humans you have to watch out for!

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