Friday, September 08, 2006

Real Goddess's Smoke Corn Cob Pipes

Maybe you wonder what the definition of a true Goddess is? Well, I don't have to go into any lengthy explanations, I need only show you a picture of my Mom. "Mom", "Mee Mee", "Mrs. Rie" (or just Rie) as she was called by those closest to her, lacked just a tiny, hairline 'smidgeon' of being a certified angel. So I made her an honorary Goddess. So many things she has gone through in her life, along with the things that we, her family, have put her through, and she still always managed to come out on top, smiling, praying for each one of us and with keeping the faith that tomorrow would bring us all the sunshine that we had been holding out for.

Now, I have already mentioned her allowing us to make the kitchen our personal laboratory as she was not one to discourage or stifle a creative mind. Rather, she would try to instill us all with the belief and conviction that we could do anything we set our minds to. So play and create, I tried-One particular moment I remember was when I raided the refrigerator, and somehow concocted the strangest pizza ever known to man, my secret ingredient? "Wishbone Green Goddess Salad Dressing". Oh it must have looked terrible. But she allowed it to be baked. Once it was finished, she assisted me in pulling it out of the oven and slicing it. Being the good sport she was, she even 'pretended' to eat a slice and proclaim it's deliciousness. I knew the truth, that she was only pretending to try it, but appreciated her just the same.

A music lover of the highest, she couldn't carry a tune but still boasted of how blessed she was that all her children were so very talented. Her dream was that I would grow up and be the next "Connie Smith" (a popular country singer turned gospel from the 70s, which incidentally didn't quite happen, rather I turned into a 'rock nightmare'). She houses a radio in every room of the house, and when I was an infant, even placed on at my crib, hoping I would take the bait. I'm sure that we could have better met her lofty expectations of us, but you would never hear a complaint about how we turned out.

So next time you think about angels and goddesses, remember that they are not just mythological creatures. I know this one personally, and visit her every chance I get. The only thing that she asks is to be allowed the luxury of having a pot of "Foldgers" coffee made all day long, and the occasional treat of smoking some cherry-vanilla tobacco in one of her old 'corn cob style' pipes that she enjoys so much (even for just the novelty of it)... and that's alright by me.


Nana said...


Aunt Jackie said...

I fixed it thank you very much!

Nana said...

I am still telling!!!! I really like is all her!!!

Maritza said...

Nice story! Thanks for dropping by my blog-o-rama!

Anonymous said...

I'm telling! Kris

Kris said...

I loved the story. I want to see one that includes Me!

chelly said...

That was so beautiful! Your mum sounds like a real sweetheart! Reading this post gave me a lump in my throat. Now I have to go and call my mum.

PS: Love the bit about the salad dressing pizza! :)

Barnze said...

Brill a pipe smoker....Nice one.

Aunt Jackie said...

Like that huh? She's the greatest!

Anonymous said...

I like Germany mild luxury pipe tobacco.

- Light English Blend
- Mild Latakia Mixture
- Wild Cut

I know Corn Cob Pipe is better than Wood Pipe.

First fill Luxury tobacco, after that put small amount of Havana tobacco above pipe bowl. No mixing is need.

Smoke is great for drink Rose or Scottish Breakfast Tea. Treat :)
pingme1973 (YAHOO)

Victor said...

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