Saturday, September 02, 2006

Birth of Ted, Death of Acting

Birth and Death... with the state of the world, it is hard to decide which one to mourn and which one to celebrate. In the spirit of funerals and such bearing on my mind lately, with the recent passing of a cousin, and a brother-in-law, and others over the last couple of years, I've studied a little about death, as well as observed its effects on those around me. In some cultures, I believe I have heard that death is actually celebrated and birth mourned. Throughout the ages, Mourning has undergone some interesting changes, and enjoys varied cultural differences.

Life goes on, even after someone passes on, and when reflecting on this, it is easy to get fixated on "Why" and "What happens to us when we die". Humans have speculated on this subject since the beginning of time, but the only ones who know for sure, are not here in this plane to enlighten us with those answers.

There seem to be plenty of births taking their place, but it will certainly be interesting to see what contributions or possible disasters the next youth generations bring to humankind.

On that note, Happy Birthday, if today is your day, then congratulations, you're sharing it with:
1964 - Keanu Reeves, American 'actor'

Keanu, you haven't acted well since Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and I am shocked and amazed that you weren't typecast. But you have enjoyed numerous roles since then. Unfortunately, there is a sizeable group of us out here, watching the big screen that have not.

You definitely don't want to get me started on your music. I saw you around 1996 in Memphis with your band Dogstar and you didn't even have the common decency to greet the city you were performing for... what was that about? Could we not solicit a "Yay Memphis-are you ready to party?!" Maybe i'm being overly harsh on you, it is quite possible that you had some freakish encounter with a cruel clown on the way to the show, which scarred you beyond performance-readiness.

As well, you stood there with that same 'bogus' expression on your face perpetrating as a musician. In my opinion, "Wyld Stallions" could've kicked your butt... Butt, it is too late, though, society has been tainted by the wares of your overly-ego-filled, cocky music, generic blank facial expressions, and misplaced stoner voice. Animals everywhere would rally, if they could speak for themselves, because of the deaths involved in all of that leather you wear for the Matrix movies. Although, it probably keeps the deodorant companies in business. Oh, before I forget, Keanu, "Death" called-he wants a re-match... maybe he'll win this time.


laughtokeepfromcrying said...

Glad I missed the musical debut in 96.....and Keanu has no expression, he's right up there with the guy who is Mr. Barbara Streisand...both remind me of dumbstruck afghan truthfully I enjoyed the big adventures concept.....and the raw emotion of the guy playing Genghis Kahn was phenomenal.....and why George Carlin wasn't cast in spy movies after his performance remains a mystery to this day......but hey, if you've seen one big've pretty much seen them all....

Aunt Jackie said...

True. Haha, not to insult the guy-I mean, he's still making the movies and people are still going to see his blank face on the big screen.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I like that Keano, as long as he does not sing! ...and the white face death guy freaks me out. I DO NOT like him :)

Hi Jackie, that was funlinkin!

Your friend SpeedyCat

the frogster said...

I think his voice makes him sound like he always needs to poop.