Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If Suri Could Talk (She'd Say 'Cut the Shit')

I was blogging around, checking out other sites and news articles and this (amazingly) caught my eye. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have really set their baby up for future humiliation. Imagine her embarassment when she brings home a date and he is promptly escorted to the trophy room and shown this dandy milestone of her first solid bowel movement! Please parents...these kinds of gestures will not be appreciated... Stick with bronzing baby shoes! How ridiculous and disgusting are these celebrities going to get?? That's all I have to say... See for yourself at the Yahoo News Article on Suri's First Poop. (gagging noises) Now, is it my imagination, or does this seem awfully big for such a little girl? If this is the real deal, she must take after her father (full of it!).


Barnze said...

I like it...Bronze shit on display at Barnze Towers would be brill.I reckon i could just paint a turd and see how it goes.

Aunt Jackie said...

Maybe it is a guaranteed money maker! ha-ha.

laughtokeepfromcrying said...

i'm sure the picture just doesn't do it justice. Will probably have her finger paintings in poop on the her first feminine pad.....keep her throw up in a glass vase.....ah yes, the proud papa......give him a few years and he'll see its SSDD.