Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call Me A Fool

Not too long ago, I saw this show on Satellite tv. I think I may have been out sick, and happened to catch it. I don't remember if it was on Showtime but one of the movie channels anyway. I got caught up in the plot and all, but I totally thought it was real! The biggest thing that got me interested in the plot was the fact that the guy that ordered this 'mail order bride', seemed to sincerely want to meet someone but didn't know how. Then when he got her, he slaved her around and began filming bizzare movies with her in his basement. So, I feel so ignorant for not realizing it was a fake. It really appeared to be a documentary, but in fact I just read about it being a 'comedy' and that it was designed more to be a "mockumentary" or I guess, maybe a "Fake-umentary"... At the least, it was interesting and funny and worth a look.

I wonder how many other people may have seen this, and thought it was real like I did. Just can't be alone in this! ha-ha.


Anonymous said...

er...ok, "you're a fool!"

i remember seeing the blair witch about six months before it became the worldwide phenomenon that it was, at a time when it was all web gossip and speculation about the validity of it's realness! it scared me witless and i am not afraid to say it!
looking back now, and not long after it became obvious that it wasn't real it made me feel so gullable! good though.

Aunt Jackie said...

Yeah, that creeped me out pretty bad, even though I knew that one wasn't real... my best bud Tamra and I always make it a point to see horror flicks together, as we're both 99% evil ;)