Monday, February 02, 2009

Walk On

I said something funny to a friend of mine earlier today, when discussing the weekend's events. I said, "I wear many hats, Friday night I had to be a fag hag, Saturday night I had to be a gospel singer, and last night I was a Steeler's Fan".

All of it is true, I had a busy weekend. Friday night I had my friend Brian's going away dinner, to say goodbye (end of an era). He moved to Atlanta with his boyfriend. Then Saturday night was the Gospel singing we agreed to sing for Mom. And of course Sunday, I was the ultimate Steelers fan!! They rocked it. Albeit that it was a close game, but they kepts us guessing, and ultimately came through and made it fantastic!

Ok, a note about the singing; As I had told you, my niece Ginger and I were ambushed by my Mom kind of "last minute" to perform at her church singing Saturday night. We were both dreading it and didn't know what to sing on such short notice, but we ended up having fun (basically just because we brought the house down of course since we're excellent).

Now I don't have any actual footage. Old southern churches are not that advanced... lol But I did find a video of another group "The Isaacs" doing the song that Ginger sang. This is the one that really got everybody. For gospel I guess it's pretty good.

I don't listen to this stuff, and I only do it for Mom's church when she begs me to :)

Have a listen... if you like bluegrass style, you'll like it. It's fast.

Walk On - The Isaacs"

I don't care if you are not religious or a Christian, that's not what this post is about, so don't go on any religion rampages--I am not into organized religion either, I am spiritual in my way. But I AM into making my Mom happy.


Jay said...

I'm okay with old-timey gospel. I listed to lots of it growing up cause that's what my dad loved.

It's the modern gospel and "christian rock" that I can't stand.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Yeah, I'm eclectic and pretty much enjoy all music... within reason. I am with you on the new-age christian rock though. Eww.

Anything LIKE this that I enjoy is really because of Mom and Dad and memories I guess.

I enjoy singing lots of stuff though.