Tuesday, February 10, 2009

G On This Day (WWC)

It is that time again, the Weekly Words Challenge (courtesy, Tink!). I ducked out of the running last week when our words were "M" and "Jump". I said I'd make it up this week, and I am. I don't have any "Jump" pics, but I threw in a couple M's... or three.

This week's words, however, are "G" and "On This Day".

Once again, I've made up a convenient delicious Slideshow, so feel free to click if you have problems with the one I have embedded... Here goes. Have a productive and magical Tuesday.

I'll be around to everyone shortly, but don't let that stop you from commenting NOW :) I will pay back I promise. xoxo


Tink said...

LMAO @ the Photoshopped picture!!! That's brilliant... and evil. :)

I LOVED the little snowman. How precious. The sun setting behind the refinery was lovely too. Really well done this week, girl. I sure have missed you.

Reb said...

Love, love, love the Photoshopped pic! My inner biker is screaming, NO, to the white sneakers though! (Had that pounded into my head enough times)

Love the self portrait and the teeny tiny snowman! Great job as always.

BBC said...

Good job, now jump up and fetch me a beer, or just jump up and down so we can watch your boobs bounce, ha ha ha.

Jay said...

The photoshopped pic is hilarious!

And the snowman is cute. And maybe a little sad, but that gives him character.

Furtheron said...

Snowman was great.

The trees as well - this year it was -12degC here one night - that is very unusual for us and we had that effect in our trees, I'm 46 and cannot remember ever that happening in my part of England before, I saw it in Michegan but never here.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ok, I love the photoshopped pic! I'd forgotten all about that freezing fog we had. THAT was cool!

Great pics!

g-man said...

Holy cow that was great. I laughed I cried (well not really cried, but they were all good.) I really liked the snowmen shots. And the frosted trees, very cool. Well done. Your photoshop skills are good ;)