Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh Boy! Make-up Post

Yes, I was busy and unable to make a post on time for Saturday, and I thought what better way to do a make-up post than to talk about make-up trends and reveal a little something terribly embarrassing about myself... everyone enjoys finding out new things to use against me anyway, so here we go!

When I was very young, once, I went to the library and found a book about how to master the Make-up techniques of Boy George. (I know, right? Yikes) Well, what don't we dabble around with when we're growing up?? I was totally enthused with the way that his eyeshadow was so perfect, and I so wanted perfect eyebrows and flawless skin. So I checked the book out, and took it home, then excitedly I retired myself to the mirror for the remainder of the day with my shadows, brushes, applicators and eyeliner.

The book told of a special technique where you draw eyeliner across the crease of your eye, then smear it with the darker shadow, hence the ability to keep your make-up on all day long. The lighter shadow highlights the lid, and then a rosy or light shade for the brow, to enhance the tops of your eyes and make them look bigger. The liquid eyeliner and mascara top off the eye, giving the sultry, and smoky seductive look. I must have hung on to some of these techniques because as I type this, I am realizing that when I really go for the gusto and cake it on (only sometimes when I just want to play), I still employ some of these hints... lol

The fact is, though, that too much caked on make-up can make one look even more haggard and old than a well applied subtle sexy variation. My father (R.I.P.), would always make the crack, "Powder and Paint makes em' look like what they ain't", and always encouraged me to look naturally beautiful. Of course, He and Mom were biased and all, so I never believed them when they told me I was pretty... it just HAD to come from a boy or I thought I was the homeliest thing on the earth... just goes to show you how terrible our self-image is when growing up, and how we can carry that through our lives if we don't wake up and decide not to give a damn what anyone else thinks of us.

We must be happy with ourselves, or nobody will be happy with us either. It comes from within, and nobody else can give that to you.

Not even Boy George. ;)


Furtheron said...

My daughter's current ambition is to be a professional make up artist... I just hope she can then make me look 20 years younger... :-)

kcinnova said...

I never did master the whole make-up thing. I wish I could make it work on occasion, but sadly... no Boy George skillz here.
On the other hand, it's really quick and easy getting dressed in the morning!