Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Jumpin On M-P-T

Today is Weekly Words Challenge Day! That would be really great if I had entries. The fact is that I do have some, but they're still sitting, safe and warm on my camera. I had no time to prepare them today. It's kinda o.k. though because they weren't that great in my opinion, and I also wasn't able to get anything together for the word "Jump". Just stumped me... I don't know why.

Therefore, I am officially pulling out of this week's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC), always brought to us by the Sporkalicious Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words were "M" and "Jump" (as you might know). I might try to do both themes next week if I can, since I hate to waste what's on my camera. We'll see. Next week's words are "G" and "On This Day".

And per Tink, "If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!"

Now for more irritations about rude people and annoying gym behavior.

I read around the internet sometimes when I am looking up similar experiences from others, and it appears that I am (gladly) not the only one who notices these other rude and irritating assholes. :)

"In God's Kitchen"

People watching is just one of those things I kind of naturally do, and I just can't help it. Plus, people make it so easy to think stupid things about them. Sorry, you know I don't mean YOU. So anyways, the other day I was peacefully doing my elliptical work-out and "the aging tennis Diva" promptly brought her overly short tennis skirt over, with tiny little "Lycra" shorts underneath, which I guess were supposed to hide things. She started out by standing by the machine and pulling all the material down and out of her butt. Then she did stretches. Each leg, stretch... stretch...

After stretching, she pulled material down and out of her butt. Then she looked around, yanked at the back of her skirt a few times... one more tug on the Lycra to make sure it wasn't in her butt... Then she got on the treadmill and began her workout. Although this lady was in good shape for her age, she still could've used some extra coverage on her legs. Plus how can you effectively workout when you're constantly having to yank things out of your ass?

A great rule of thumb should be, if you constantly have to yank, tug and pull on your outfit to keep it out of your colon, then maybe you should buy something longer, more comfortable and suitable for a good workout.

Then, I have bitched and moaned so often about the rude drivers around the Memphis area, but it just never ends. I can't stop wanting to pulverize the people who pull out in front of me only to turn 5 houses down, or go 20 mph after bolting out in front of me (when there was nobody behind me for a mile). Tempted I am to jump out and stomp the living daylights out of those people who constantly run up my tailpipe then switch lanes incessantly trying to get "the good lane", when it only slows down, then they run up the other person's tailpipe trying to get back over and jump in front of me. What's the race all about?? Why does it bother someone when others drive along and happen to be ahead of them just by the natural flow of traffic? It's like everyone's in a death race to get to nowhere. Plus, I can't go without mentioning once again, the total a-holes who ride my bumper with their high-beams on, or just think they are the only ones on every road and that it is "OK" to drive around with high beams. This is (let me repeat) RUDE AS HELL... It makes it extremely hard for your fellow drivers to see well, and I hope that you get run over because you've blinded everyone else on the road... that will serve you right.

Here are my "WANTS" for today:

I WANT to encounter less JERKS on a daily basis.

I WANT to throw this laptop through the window because the keyboard is really making me furious.

I'm tired and I WANT to go to bed now (in working with my NaBloPoMo February 2009 theme of "WANT". I'll finish watching "Disaster Movie" I guess, surf around a bit, and then hit the sack.

I will be back with my WWC next week, so I am sure nobody's that disappointed. I'll make it up to you guys, I promise :)


Furtheron said...

Don't start me on drivers - like the complete idiots trying to drive up our road Monday when clearly due to the snow it was impassable... Okay - this is England it was only a foot but we aren't built to cope, we drive tiny cars, with no power and little chance... good for the environment except when the environment bites back.

I'm shovelling snow on my drive on Monday was one of these idiots gets stuck. I have a shovel in my hand - he only had to ask. I looked straight at him and he just pounded the steering wheel and kept on spinning on the snow/ice packing it in so that there'd be no way to dig him out. Then he tries to turn round, beaches it on the pavement and walks off! When he came back last night he found it surrounded by the piles of snow we'd dug off the road to get out. He did then at least have sense when prompted by a neighbout to borrow a shovel and dig it out sensibly this time. GRRR!

Tink said...

OH, so I have GOD to blame for all these jerks? I just wish he wouldn't have built them to multiply so quickly!

g-man said...

I for one an disappointed that I have to wait another week to see your pictures, so there.

Instant a-hole, just add automobile.

It must be metropolitan traffic that makes people rude.

Kenski said...

I have no problem with lycra if someone wants to wear it as a covered up undergarment... as soon as it comes on display...


The Preacherman said...

I've always thought there's a lot to be said for jerks to be hone...

....oh....yeah...those kind...;-)

BBC said...

We should start a BOB club, and a BOB blog.... Born To Bitch. I'm sure that a number of us would like to post on it.

Speaking of stupid, I'll email you a vid.

God? I hate that son of a bitch.

Now Jump up and fetch me a beer, ha ha ha.

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes guys I'll be back next week with photos I sure hope!!

Thanks as always for your comments. Sorry I haven't been responding to each one as much, I'm trying to stay caught up-but it's been so busy lately.

Don't hate me and certainly always still comment! I'll do better.