Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Past Blasting

I'm not feeling very wordy today, so my blog post will be composed of videos. Have been digging through old photos and of course I am torturing people with those, but it got me feeling like old 1980s videos, commercials and so forth. Here are a few that might take you back in th' day. Enjoy.

The "Mikey" Life Cereal Commercial

The Wendy's "Where's The Beef" Commercial

I remember "Mr. Roboto" being a big deal... so here is:
Styx - "Mr. Roboto"

And finally, today I have for you...

80s One Hit Wonders

Grab the popcorn and watch all those and I'll be back tomorrow. Happy Hump Day Y'all!

1 comment:

Chelly said...

Oh lord, that totally takes me back. Great post Jax! Those one hit wonders are something else. I'm transported back to middle school/high school. :)