Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Jagger Edge

First of all, I forgot my deodorant this morning... I just realized it when I raised my arms to stretch. So much for smelling sexy today.

I've just had so many things on the brain lately, stress type stuff about Mom, worrying about her emotional state after all she's been through with Dad, and band-related stuff to boot.

For one, you know how easy it is to get the wrong idea, or misunderstandings in e-mails? Well, I guess it was Friday and we had a sort of 3 way e-mail going on between my husband, my drummer and myself. The discussion was about how crappy Memphis was, and just how we had entertained thoughts of how cool it would be to live elsewhere (like NYC or something) one day. It wasn't anything definite, and it wasn't meant as a "Hey man, we're going to pack our belongings and take the first train outta here". Just general discussion. Well for some reason, he evidently took it to heart way more than we meant it, and freaked out a little. I won't go into the extreme details of it all, but from what I'd been told he was pretty down and out about it.

So I guess last night, all these different thoughts culminated into an odd dream. Yes, DREAM! You guys KNOW how much I love my dreams and my out-of-body experiences, and dream work. So there. It's my dreamworld and I'll go there anytime I see fit.

I haven't been able to recall every detail of the dream, but it was kind of realistic and modern-day. The basic jist of the dream was that my drummer and his girlfriend were breaking it off and they were both leaving Memphis. We hadn't planned on this, so it had upset me really bad. While I was busy being distraught over the issues with them, and wondering why everyone was going nuts, my husband ended up getting a job in California. So we were supposed to be moving to Cali where he would be making $150,000 per year. My problem was, that I didn't want to fly, I hadn't secured a job myself and also didn't want to live that far from my Mom because of everything she has been through lately, and I wanted to be there for her. I was afraid that being so far away, and no finances being certain that I wouldn't have the funds to travel back and forth to see her as much as I wanted.

Somehow all of this surrounded the band too though, obviously the band breaking up was a big deal in the dream. Maybe we had made a lot of progress or something. I don't know. Obviously, I was pretty close to Mick Jagger because he shows up in the dream with someone who I am assuming was Keith Richards (or maybe it was Ronnie Wood), and Mick gave me some sort of gift. It was one of those things that I was totally in awe of in the dream, but in waking life I have no idea what it was.

When he gave it to me, I had the sense that it was something of his, or something very significant that meant a lot to him, and he wanted me to have it. Almost "award-like". I can't remember more about that. I just remember when he gave it to me, I screamed, jumped up and down and appeared to be really ecstatic, then I hugged the hell out of Mick Jagger, and we were all smiling and stuff. Nothing more that I can really remember from that dream just yet, but if more comes to me later, I'll update it... you know how that goes.

Funny thing is, I never even think about Mick Jagger, and I'm not the biggest Rolling Stones fan in the whole world... so how the heck did Mick pop up in my dream? hahaha! It's pretty funny to me. He looked better than he normally does, like a little younger, or healthier, and he was dressed very well. It was kinda cool.

Hey, at least it was much, much cooler than the horrible dream I had once (a long time ago) where I was having sex with Jerry Garcia on my Mother's couch. Now that I could definitely do without!!

My Want du Jour?? I WANT to have more crazy dreams, they're so much fun!


Jay said...

I would leave Memphis too. haha

Instead of Cali you guys could to to Austin. It's the live music capital of the world. Or so they claim.

I can honestly say that I have never had a dream with either Mick Jagger OR Jerry Garcia.

The Preacherman said...

The question is, did he give you satisfaction?....

....I'll get me coat....

Furtheron said...

Sadly - not much sleep going on about here at the moment.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! lol o.k. now, well I would if I could. Just am not in the financial or credit-shape right now to go anywhere. :(

Preacher! I'll get your coat for ye, lol I never felt attracted to Mick (or Garcia either! yuck!)

Further! Hope you are able to get some rest soon!

Chelly said...

Your Jerry Garcia dream is legendary! Every time I read about it, it totally cracks me up! :) I once had a dream where Snoop Dog was saying romantic things to me.