Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bat's Entertainment

We just got home from Mom's and are in preparation for tonight's Cheech and Chong festivities.

I had to put in a little blurb about last night. We rode our motorcycles down to Mom's, and on the way down Richie had a couple of funny episodes. First we were driving away from a stop sign, and he ran his back wheel over his foot somehow. He wasn't hurt, but that's something one should definitely avoid when riding. Guess it could've been quite the episode. lol

As well, he was cruising down the highway (btw this is night time) and from out of nowhere a Bat came flying out and went straight for Richie. Evidently it must've been confused because it had gotten out and was swerving around in the air in front of him, and just hit his windshield. If he didn't have a windshield, then it would've hit him face-on.

The following clip is from "Wild Hogs". In this scene, John Travolta is laughing at his fellow Wild Hogs because they are getting bugs all over their face. Meanwhile, he gets hit by a crow. This is what Richie's episode reminded me of. Go ahead, click. It's a funny clip!! Wild Hogs - Road Hazards (Watch!)

Yep, you never know what you might encounter on the road. I'm just glad it wasn't me. Usually, I'm the one having all the crazy 'luck' like that.

At any rate, it was at least decent enough weather for us to get a bit of riding in, and a visit with Mom. She's still not been feeling very well, has complained of her stomach hurting in an 'inexplicable' way. She says that it's hard to explain. One moment, you're taking care of someone in such a condition as my Dad had gotten into, and you are just running on fumes and staying strong, and then they're just gone. All of a sudden, she says, it feels like all the years just fall on you like a ton of bricks, and you just "collapse" so-to-speak. You don't realize how tired you have become, and that it just all gets to you. I guess that's what is going on with her. That and stress, of course because she lets everything get to her so badly. Other than that, she is feeling a little better than she did, and just trying to straighten out her stomach and just get back on her feet. I know that her grief process is going to take a great deal of time. Only someone who has loved so strongly, and done so much, and been married for so long can truly understand what she is going through right now. I know that. But still, I just wish I could whip out my magic wand and make it all better.

Guys, just continue to keep her in your thoughts, I just hope she gets through all this pain and grief, and can live some quality of life... I know she is never going to be the same though.

Just makes you wonder about this life sometimes. I just don't get it really... we just keep running on this hamster wheel and wondering what the object is. Sorry, went on a path there... didn't mean to get off on anything depressing.

As I said before, I'll report more later and let you know how Cheech and Chong was. Hopefully, it will go off without much irritation from everyone attending. Otherwise, you'll find me hiding out in an anti-social bubble tomorrow.

Until then...


BBC said...

Cheech and Chong festivities.

Yeah, they were funny, but stupid, never did follow them much.

Tell me something hon, will you ever grow up? Not in all ways of course, but in the right ways.

The Preacherman said...

I hope not!!!!!!!! ;-)

Furtheron said...

Re your Mum - I can't begin to appreciate that feeling. I saw my Mum go through it when my Dad passed away unexpectedly and quickly. I know she cried herself to sleep for many many weeks - I could hear her from my room.

Why are we on the hamster wheel... don't start to analyse that too much. If you do you might get close to not turning up for life and I've done that in my time too... that way lies only darkness, darkness of the soul and of the mind.