Sunday, February 08, 2009

Keeping Up

Oh I seriously do not want to make a post today. I really don't. There's nothing that I feel very moved to talk about, except for feeling "burned out" on everything right now. I need to get away and have a weekend trip sometime soon, I just need to recharge my batteries... I want to. :)

I'll just give you a quick run-down of the Cheech and Chong "show". When we were invited to go to this, I felt like we were made to believe that we were going to see the show, as in "free tickets" and going to actually be there. This was not the case. My husband's Mom is a member of the "diamond club" because she does a certain amount of gambling there... so she and Uncle Jorge's wife were supposed to be able to take in 2 guests a piece.

First of all they had trouble with this, as the casino hosts said this wasn't the case. They got that straight, but we found out that we weren't going to be "AT" the show, but rather listening in from the Diamond lounge, and seeing it on some t.v. screen. So, we had to sit there, trying to hear the show with bad speakers that were buzzing, and the other show 'rejects' (mostly drunken ol' has beens who were carrying on loud convos), so it wasn't a very prime experience for me.

Besides, it was just kinda sad watching Cheech and Chong do this stage interpretation of what used to be when they are so much older now. Chong doesn't look so bad, but Cheech looks like he's in bad health to me. It kinda depressed me, so it just writes home once again that nothing is ever what you expect, and that 'you can't go home again'. Leave it to me to find some dark, negative aspect of a popular comedy duo... eh?? Who else could do that.

If I'd been actually inside, watching the show and being able to hear them, then maybe I would've been able to catch the humor, and get a few laughs... Since we were all getting a bit bored, we just left, came home and played Wii.

That wraps that up.

Now, since I am not feeling like much else in the way of blog posts today, I'll bid you goodnight, and go hit the sack. Yet another Monday waiting around the corner to pounce, so I need to be ready. ;)

Hope your weekends were all wonderful.


Reb said...

That really blows that you were in the cheap seats. You might have been better off to have rented one of their movies.

Scarlet said...

It's like when Lucille Ball kept coming back with a new show and in the end it just looked like she was going to hurt herself...pulling some of the stunts she could pull off on I Love Lucy, but not 30 YEARS LATER (or whatever)! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Lucy...but sometimes we have to leave well enough alone.

I feel the same about reconnecting with old boyfriends. I like to remember us "The Way We Were."

Still, I would've loved to have seen Cheech & Chong LIVE and if I can make it to a Stones concert before I die (or they do), I'll be happy.

Have a great week, girl friend! ;)

Sara said...

Fuckin February as my mate calls it! Always burn out type month after Xmas..Hope you're good otherwise :-)