Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blackberry Winter

Yesterday the temperatures were somewhere in maybe the 50s, and the days have been a little warm. We've had mainly rainy, dreary days this last week. However nobody really thought that today we would be looking into the eye of old man winter.

Yes that's right, the afternoon brought snow and sleet to the mid-south. We don't get much of that here as you have heard me say before. But the last couple years or so, it seems to come closer to springtime. Quite odd, but just another change in this day and age I guess. Depends on how you look at it.

So I'm coming to you tonight direct from my Blackberry. I have only done one other post from the BB, and it was a test one. I'm getting better at typing on it. Still it's not the easiest method.

Today Mr. J and I ate at a little Mexican spot around the corner and watched the snow fall down. It was a nice little time together. Then he went to visit jimmy and I came to be with Mom. She has a sore throat that she must've picked up from the kids coming in and out. She has tried hard not to be around them when they were ill and they try not to come in when they're infested, but I guess no matter how hard you try, it's not good enough. Just hope it is something she can fight off quick.

So here I sit, pitifully trying to blog from my Blackberry in our time of unexpected, seasonably late winter, like some tech geek... Haha.. I've had a lot on my mind lately and will try to blog some of it soon, if I can gather my thoughts and the words come to me.

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend. My fingers are sick of this tiny keypad now so I must stop. Guess you gotta give me kudos for writing this much though.

Good night all.


Jay said...

I've never used a Crackberry, but it does look like it would be hard to type more than a Twitter update on those things.

It snowed here too. Maybe 2 inches. The sun is out today and it will be all gone by tomorrow though. Which is actually pretty nice.

Furtheron said...

I've avoided the Blackberry lure thank God.

It was actually quiet warm this weekend - very spring like. I even did some gardening... :-)

The Preacherman said...

I have to squint to see an ordinary keypad these days - I really must find out where I put my glasses...

Wouldn't have a scooby how to use a BB - well the airgun BB maybe ;-)

Anonymous said...

We got an inch of snow on Saturday night, then 3+ inches of snow on Monday morning.
But mostly now I am hungry for Mexican food. *sigh*