Friday, February 13, 2009


Today finds me way over my limit of sleepiness. I think it has to do with the fact that #1, I didn't do my morning workout, and #2, I've been kicking the diet drinks once again in favor of nothing but water. Therefore, I haven't had any caffeine in a while either, which is probably great for my system, but has left me with a nagging headache...

I just want to take a big fat nap.

Water is an essential key in weight loss, along with a healthy lifestyle (watching your food intake, and regular exercise). I'm sorry but there is just no shortcut. You can take supplements and pills, get surgery, or whatever else that assists you with your weight loss, but if you don't keep up a proper lifestyle, then you're not going to be fit, you'll be fat. I'm still way away from my goals, but I am trying. A nap would probably not help any at all. lol!

Since we are discussing sleep, and water, I guess it's good to be reminded to go ahead and drink more of your water intake earlier and as you progress through your day, don't drink a ton of it before bed. That can only cause you grief, I'm sure! (Especially those of you with small bladders, and you know who you are).

Here's Why Drinking Water Helps With Weight Loss (Good Article!)

Most things that we must do on a daily basis are not our favorites, right? So why is living a healthy life any different? Sure it's more fun to eat the bad stuff, but the good stuff is rewarding too, and so is the exercise. Maybe it's not as fun at first but you can grow to love being active and getting off your lazy bum. (Your favorite t.v. shows are no good excuse, VCRs have been around for an Ice Age now, or get with the program and go TIVO!)

Now, regarding the sleep part, where is the funniest place you have ever gone to sleep? Have you fallen asleep behind the wheel? At work? In the bathroom?

Once when I was adapting to 3rd shift (11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.), I actually did fall asleep at work. Funny story. Lots of people working third shift would take little naps on their 30 minute lunch break. They would come back into the darkroom, lay on a bench-like thing along the wall, cover up with their coats and say, "Wake me up in 30 minutes".

This usually worked out fine, and everyone obliged one another. I guess it was a small nap and it helped get you through the shift.

I can't remember if I did so this particular night or not, but I was somewhere in the midway part of my shift, and I was working in the darkroom developing proofs. I was at the light table, working along and feeling groggy. I thought to myself, "I'm just going to lay my coat up here and just close my eyes for a couple of minutes." It was a slow night, nobody had even been in to bother me. So I did... I placed my jacket in front of me, leaned my head down on the table and fell asleep (still standing, just like a horse).

I zinged awake and checked the time, I had been asleep for 45 whole minutes! Oh my gosh, I was shocked at myself... but I didn't get caught.

Other places I've nearly fallen asleep were maybe the movie theater when I was really tired, or once after I had broken up with my boyfriend and hadn't slept for over 2 days, some friends and I went to Club 616 (Memphians will remember this place), and were downstairs sitting on a big couch and nearly konked out.

Usually though, I can stay up most of the night, especially on weekends as long as there is something going on, something to keep my attention. If it's boring, and we recline back and watch a movie though, I can't quite last.

I used to never care if I got any sleep, I could stay up all night, and just go straight to work in the morning. But with age, I have grown to love the sensation of sleep. It is so delicious.

Today's "Sleepytime" video clicks!

Sleepy Spudgy

Meer Cat Falling Asleep

Senator Conrad Burns' Naptime


The Preacherman said...

I'm with the Meerkat....

You look after yourself yer daft bat! Never mind all this dieting and stuff.

You want to be happy? Be happy. Eat chocolate, drink booze, whatever it takes.

Be happy. That's what counts babe xx

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh but feeling healthier does make me happy, plus hey, I gotta keep up with Mr. J, he's a iron-pumping-addict...

I take care of myself... and I still eat chocolate. I can't help it sometimes.

:)) It's all gravy... (did somebody say gravy??)

Reb said...

Sleep would be nice! The videos are cute, well, the first two, the last is just sad.

Jay said...

I worked 3rds shift for many years at two different places. At one of them we did the same thing. People were allowed to go into an empty office and sleep during their lunch break. I never did though.

I fell asleep in the terminal at the airport in Vegas once and would have missed my flight home if it weren't for a really sweet flight attendant who came over and woke me up.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Because love always perseveres…
Help my heart continually beat with love for You and others.
Thank you for this day when we celebrate love,
and for showing us what that word really means.

Happy Valentines Day

Angel Feathers Tickle Me

BBC said...

I drink two pots of coffee every morning, but it's weak coffee, not much more than water.

One cup get three big spoon fulls of co-co mix in it, and sometimes maybe a little 'kicker".

I have never had to think about a diet, I just eat to live, not live to eat. I often only eat once a day and stay slim and trim.

I've seen it said that you have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat but I'm okay with that, I figure that I am a special kind of stupid.

At times I have to make myself to eat more just to not lose too much weight.

Iron-pumping addict? What the fuck for? If I'm going to use energy I'm going to use it doing useful things that make my world better.

Ever notice that people that are not into all that live longer?

Chocolate, yup, good shit, but I'm off and on with it. Helen though will eat ten candy bars if I take them to her at once so I dole them out one a day.

Not that I think they would make her fat, she stays trim even when she eats a lot of crap food, but I'm not putting out ten bucks a day for candy for her.

Naps are nice, but I'm retired and can nap any damn time I feel like it.

When I was a workaholic doing 20 hour days I would just close my eyes for a few minutes every chance I got and that worked.

Looking back on it, I guess it was a stupid life. I like my simple life much better.

Being VD day, I hope that you got some nooky.