Monday, February 16, 2009

Twenty-three Twenty

It won't be long until Midnight, so if I had ideas on posting honestly today (the 15th) I was definitely cutting it close.

Nothing in particular is bearing on my mind tonight, just a bunch of stuff at once kind of like I always do. Still have a very hard time "quieting" my mind down so that I can clear it out and just relax and meditate.

It seems like it's always going a million miles per hour and I've always got so much "noise" in my head. Anyone else feel this way?

I'm missing my Dad a lot this weekend. Just wish I could walk into the house, go over to his chair and kneel down on the arm like I would do a lot of the time, and just talk to him. Would always just talk about different stuff, even down to the fact that I wasn't ready for him to "go", and wanted him to live forever. He would always promise in that "fatherly" comforting way that he was going to be around a long time, and not to worry. Sometimes I'd ask him, "So what've you been up to?" and he would answer either "just sittin here on ma' butt" or "up to ma' butt in debt." You could always count on him to try to make you laugh if he was feeling up to it. I miss his silly faces, and his true, wonderful, warm and loving smile.

Sorry to get on that topic. It makes me sad too, and the state that our world is in, nobody really needs extra sadness do they??

I also want to say just how much I hate "PT Cruisers". They're so ugly and I don't know what attracts people to buy and drive these unholy vehicles. I hate getting behind them, and every person I see driving one seems to be an asshole... lol (Sorry if you drive one, I am just going by my personal experience).

I suspect that I'll have more posts this week detailing more things and people who irritate me... So stay tuned.

This laptop is the one with the shitty keyboard configuration. It jumps around wildly making it total hell for me to try typing. I'll try to type at my normal (quite fast) speed, and it will just delete whole lines, or jump up into a word way up in the text, and it irritates the piss out of me. So I am going to cut this short and sign off for the evening.

Tomorrow is a "Bank Holiday", or City holiday for many of those who work for a living, or slave to th' man, so I am included in that. I'm sure you'll hear from me then. Goodnight all.


Kenski said...

PT Cruiser = Surf Hearse

'nuff said.

Jay said...

PT Snoozer! I hate those things too. ;-)

Reb said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and it will take time for the hurt of losing him to ease. It's been ten years for me and while most of the time I can remember the fun and love, I still sometimes miss him so badly my heart rips all over again.

You are right about the PT Crapper.