Monday, February 09, 2009

Frazzle Dazzle

Let's start today's post off with a little "funny". My friend Kim e-mailed this to me earlier today, and I got a kick out of it. They joke about children's spelling, but who knows... these days the kid could've been really serious and meant what he said. ;)

Make sure to proofread your children's homework!
(click to enlarge if needed)

I began thinking today about how we as a society have all relaxed so much as far as taking care of ourselves, and dressing appropriately and gracefully... most of us rarely, if ever, make ourselves truly "presentable" when we go out.

When my Mother was growing up... things were just different. Jeans were what you wore when you went to chop cotton, and for the field only. This is the school she still subscribes to even now. After all she has been through, and how old she is, my Mother will never leave the house unless she is fully dressed with make-up on, looking picture perfect (in my book).

It's sad nowadays to see most people out in stores with curlers in hair, ratty clothing, and sometimes even house slippers on. When did it become socially graceful to shop in our underwear? Or even before spring has a chance to bloom, people are out half naked, and can't wait to go out whoring around and show it all. Doesn't anybody have any dignity anymore? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but I think it can be done in such a way to strike intrigue and mystery, and be carried with true sexiness and class... not just plain trash. I bet most men would buckle faster at a really sexy dress and some classic high-heeled shoes than some too-tight, ripped up or worn out shorts and sandals and a halter top.

Of course, I myself am equally guilty of jumping out of bed and getting ready frantically, throwing on my running clothes and tennis shoes and going to the store... I do sometimes, but I really don't like it. I should take more time, and look my best all the time... really.

I know this might go under the concept of "Vanity" or something, but I think it is very nice for people to care how they present themselves. Thinking back to the old days, really for me more depicted in movies and television programs. Women wore sexy suits and gorgeous shoes, and had their hair done regularly, and maybe even hats and gloves when appropriate. Some of the fashion icons of the day, such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and others had classic looks that made them icons.

Just take a look at some of the "Looks" (some of these faces you may know)...

Sometimes I imagine how it would be to really have lived in other time periods and eras, even back in Victorian times when getting dressed took hours and helpers! It seems like it would be so much more interesting and magical. Being a woman has always been way more of an operation than most men, but still, we as a society have become lazy, lax and unappreciative of things. As well, we couldn't live simply or survive a depression... not like my parents did. It has just become a "don't-give-a-shit society". Quite sad.

In other news, today in Forbes magazine, Memphis was named the 2nd most miserable city. We can really boast about that, eh? I have noticed for a while now that we've had many overnight shootings... crime, rage, idiots, and just plain assholes are a big factor. Maybe it wouldn't be so miserable if people put a little spring in their step, and carried themselves more gracefully and positively.

Oh well, maybe next year we'll score #1.


Reb said...

I still have a bunch of mom's gloves from that era! I remember mom taking the time to put my & my sisters hair in ringlets every night, we also owned our own sets of white gloves. I am glad that some of it no longer applies, but I agree whole-heartedly that we really need to shape up as a society again.

Jay said...

I like hores too. ;-)

I don't think we need to go back to the days when men wore suits and top hats to sporting events, but we are entirely too casual as a nation. I see so many people out and about wearing pajama bottoms and like you said, house slippers. Hell, they even wear things like that to church.

I think it was two years ago when a women's college volleyball team was visiting the White house after winning the national championship and some of the girls were wearing flip-flops. That's soooo disrespectful.

I'm sure Memphis will not give up until it's #1 on that list! LOL

Furtheron said...

Love the "hores" writing :-)

Dressing up - my Dad would always wear a shit and tie when we went out. I remember about 25 years ago going with my late father-in-law to visit a family friend who was in a hospital in London for a long time. He put on a shirt and tie. At the bus station at Golders Green we went into the Gents as we left there was a big sign saying "Gentlemen please ensure you have adjusted your dress before leaving the premises" (Don't you love old English signs like that). Obviously there was an issue with flashers at some point I take it. Anyway my father-in-law stopped in his tracks, took two steps back, faced the mirror and adjusted his tie before leaving. I was in stiches - so funny.

Re the summer - I agree, I rarely wear shorts and always a t-shirt. I just think people virtually naked in the street (well men anyhow :-)) is just bloody horrible.

Kenski said...

Sorry, Mr FO, but I couldn't let this one pass:

"Dad would always wear a shit and tie"

Was that when he was on the way to visit a hores?

I'm a slacker when it comes to clothing but lately I've been trying to dress up more, originally because I was told to, but now because it's kinda fun and you don't feel like a bum when you go somewhere nice.

Aunt Jackie said...

Reb! I know right, so much of that stuff is cool, I love all my Mom's old shoes.

Jay! I thought that you did.

Yes I agree too, let's not go TOO fancy, but a little pride in our appearances wouldn't hurt.

Memphis does have what it takes, and I believe they will make it.

Furtheron and Kenski!! Hahah I gotta laugh at that, he got you totally. And yes, I enjoy dressing up... not all the time. But I do.

There's a time and a place for everything.

BBC said...

But with age, I have grown to love the sensation of sleep. It is so delicious.

Actually, I loved sleep a lot better when I was young.

I hate to break this news to you but considering how you are now it's likely that when you are my age that you will have to knock yourself out with booze or drugs to just get a few hours of sleep when some part of your brain isn't aware and disturbing you.

I drink light beer, so it takes about nine of them.