Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Many Spankings to Speak Of

Approximately 9:01 a.m. on a beautiful Monday morning (not all THAT long ago), the world became blessed with the light of one very special child. The Mother was ecstatic as this was the baby she had been praying for! She named her Jacqueline Dawn (although she nearly named her something else entirely, but wished to name her after her Dad). So it was on this day that she was born... The world did not know what a serious "Butt Whooping" it was about to get, and as well, the Guardian Angels did not know how hard their job was about to be! They have all done very well, however as she is still alive and kicking... Her Mom called this morning (very early) to tell her "Happy Birthday Dawn of the Morning!"

Happy Birthday to Me!

Let's have a look back in history for the ever-changing, all-powerful Aunt Jackie:

Here I am crushing my inchworm, circa (approx) 2.5 years old.

12th Birthday at McDonald's (I'm the one on the right of course, with the orange balloon)

"Hammer Time!"

The Platinum Period ;)

And finally, the devil's final conquest...
All Settled down... Yeah right! :P


ZigZagMan said...

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Jackie in the whole world.......granted..your the only Jackie I know hese days...but still..:)

Happy Birthday buddy...and many many more!! :)


Happy Birthday babe x

What no mohawk pic?

Anonymous said...

You say it's your birthday.... Well it's my birthday too!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SISTER.
Love Vickie

RockDog said...


You rock and I hope you have a great brithday!

The platinum blond you reminds me of Nancy form Sid & Nancy...that's a good thing.

And the devil picture....Grrrrrr! Hot!

Have a great one!

RockDog Unleashed! Saturdays at Midnight (EST)

awaiting said...

Ok, I have three minutes, so I SWEAR I am NOT late!! :)

Happy birthday, you SEXY, GORGEOUS woman you!!!!

awaiting said...

Now, that being said....those hammer pants and hair...uh, just wrong.

But it made for a good laugh! You still rocked it though!

Beefcake Almighty said...


her indoors said...

happy birthday girl

captain corky said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Jackie. Have a great weekend!!!

Nothingman said...

Happy yappy birthday :)

Have a great year ahead !!

best wishes!


Blondie said...

I loooooove the pictures. You went thru some pretty different stages in your life... I wonder if we all get so many.

Chelly said...

Hope your day was a blast Jaxxx! I'm loving those pics. Thanks for sharing with us. :)


Aunt Jackie said...

Zig! Thank you sir!
FourD! Cheers! Thanks x

Thanks Big Sista! I love you too Vick.

Rock: Why thanks, that's a totally cool thing to say... glad you enjoyed it... the 'devil' one is my real persona...hehe.

Awaiting: I'm with ya girl, I did Rock it! But yeah the hammer thing is kinda sad looking back. And HEY that was a self-haircut...hehe.

Beefcake: Thanks man! How was that Metal show??? I wish I could've seen that.

Indoors, Thanks Sweet lady!

Corky: Thanks I am a'tryin :P

Nothingman: Thanks a bunch! You keep rockin those cool stories... and take care of thyself!

Blondie: Thanks girl! Yes, I have been through many strange and fantastic stages... I believe you get as many as you want, but you have to live in the moment, just do it! Also, It ain't over yet! Can't keep AJ down...

Chells, as always you're the sweetest thanks! I'm always happy to share what I can.

Dan said...

From one Cancer to another ...


Mine's almost here as well!

Cindi said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Loved those pics...especially the Hammer time pic.

Btw, my middle name is Dawn too!

barnze said...

Hammee time is the biz....

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes, and I can't wait Dan! Happy (early) Birthday to you... It'll be here before you know it.

Cindi: Thanks, Yes, at the time I thought those pants were da bomb! LOL "Can't Touch Them" now, I guess we wouldn't want to...

Barnze: haha... Thanks I aim to amuse.

doctor chip said...

H.B., A.J.!




Chucky said...

Ok I'm a lil late :(

Hope you had a good ol' birthday. Mine was on the 24th. Now those are some pictures worth checking out ;)