Monday, June 25, 2007

Clowning Around

I had recently been reminded of my strong distaste for Clowns over at Barnze's blog. He's had a couple of posts about them, although he and I have always agreed that clowns are 'evil f#&ckers' LOL! So in honor of Barnze, and and any of the rest of us that can't stand these completely 'UN-Funny' freaks, I thought, how better to start our Monday, than do a little Clowning Around! :O)

First off, when searching for something particularly freakish about clowns I was very disturbed to find THIS LINK (go ahead click it, if you dare). (Not for the faint of heart, where clowns are concerned).

Then if that's not enough, I found even more evidence that Clowns are unfit for society and dangerous creeps! Read: 'Kasper the Clown' faces prison for punching schoolboy.

I know some people like them, but I know a ton of people who share my views on them. They're heinous, creepy and usually have something to hide in their dark clown-closet with their big red nose and over-sized shoes... I see no reason whatsoever that anyone would ever need the services of a clown... And Mimes are pushing it!! So, it is with great pleasure that I present the following video... a clown gets what all clowns deserve. Enjoy!


ZigZagMan said...

Iam soooooooo with you on the clown thing...I've posted onthis as well...and even worse...MIMES!!! :)

captain corky said...

Clowns suck. Gacy used to dress like a clown. The freak!!!

Four Dinners said...

Crusty's cool though. Love the fighting clown.

RockDog said...

That video is GOLD!!! Awesomeness at it's bestest!

barnze said...

Make it stop!!!!!!!

doctor chip said...







Chucky said...

Guess it's a good thing clowns don't bug me. Ok, freaky clown porn down. I'm not telling if I bookmarked that site or not ;)