Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Rush Hour Sunday Drivers

Rant #1 for Monday:

Monday morning Rush hour is no place for you "Sunday Drivers". Don't get me wrong... I don't have a problem whatsoever with you driving like a snail, and i'm all for safety on the road. What you happen to be doing, however, is not safe. Not that any of you rotten apples of the road are going to listen to what I have to say, but just in case these words don't totally fall on blind eyes, or the proverbial 'deaf ear', here are a few tips for you aliens to the busy rush hour interstates and freeways.

  1. If you're going to drive slow, do it in the appropriate lane and kindly get out of the "Acceleration Lane".

  2. Do not drive slowly in the "Acceleration Lane" and expect people to stay off your ass. If you were going at least the speed limit, or driving in the proper lane for slower traffic, you wouldn't be having the problem.

  3. Furthermore, if you do (oddly enough) have a line of cars riding said bumper, maybe you should think about getting into the slow lane as expected rather than continue to decrease in speed and slam on your breaks as if 'chastising' the other drivers.

  4. If you are getting off at a certain exit, and know this even the slightest bit ahead of time, please be courteous to the other drivers who also happen to have some place to go (that's right, you're not the only one), and go ahead and get into the proper lane for your exit. This keeps the flow of traffic and road rage to a minimum.

All it takes is a little bit of courtesy for your fellow drivers. Just as there are in fact many drivers out there who drive insanely too fast and reckless, there is you (the Sunday Driver) who has no more business driving around like you're the only person on the road than the other guy. Let's just get where we need to go, get out of the way if you need to, try to drive as safely (and efficiently) as possible and get there in one piece everyone!! You can cause an accident fooling around, going too slow and slamming on your breaks in front of people just as easily as driving like a stunt devil. Let's find a happy medium!


Chalice said...

OMG! You sound exactly like me! I loathe every slow person on the road who won't get out of my way in the fast lane! I think I drive Blu crazy sometimes because I am pretty vocal behind the wheel.

Maybe we should write a 'Rules of the Road' book. We could collaborate and make some money! What do ya think??

By the way, sorry we were gone for sooooooo long! Now we are back and we have missed you!

Take Care,

ZigZagMan said...

ya know....while I agree completely with this post....few things in life give me more pleasure than

A) being passed by a complete jag in bad weather, only to see their happy ass in the ditch a few miles down the road,,,(unhurt ofcourse...I'm rarely that much of an ass)

B) pulled over in exactly the speed trap I was avoiding...:)

Take care lass...hope the show was a success!!! :)

Dan said...

Jaxxxx, why is it that you and I are the only good drivers in the world?

It's just not fair. Driving in NJ is like playing a video game. Only here you can lose a REAL life!

Happy Tuesday!! Hugs!

Nothingman said...

YYAggghhhh!!! people who drive like snails piss me off big big time, and people who talk on phones!! oh man...if only I had a bazooka there would be carnage on the roads....

Where's my bazooka!

Good and valid rant!


her indoors said...

here here!!! i hate them slow sunday drivers they should be fined!