Friday, June 15, 2007

Failures Deserve Recognition Too

Now I'm a firm believer in try, try again. And we're humans so we live to make mistakes and learn from them. Hence my work e-mail signature->

"Only those who do nothing at all make no mistakes."

There comes a time however, when you need to change courses, or get the hint that you're on the wrong path. This brings me to the new feature I am bringing to my blog called the "Aunt Jackie Give-It-Up" Award.

Therefore, the first ever "Give It Up" award goes to this guy.

Read: Man fails school exams on 38th try

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Nothingman said...

This man is an indian I guess...yeah i read this in the paper too :)

Anyway, Aunt J, just thinking, a lil suggestion too, why don't you write your band's name as " Shadows At Play' instead of SAP, the full word sounds much more dashing and mysterious!

Just A thought!