Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Poetry Slam

Thought I would start off the day with a little poetry, something I wrote recently. Don't let it alarm you (that is for family). Just something I had to get off my chest. Have a great Friday.

©2007 Jacqueline Wood

Hole in my head
nothing worth fighting for
can't make things right
my soul, now a festering sore
my mind is scrambled
like filthy embryo on the floor
cobwebs in my
jumbled black closet
trying to forget
but I can't chase away
the prophetic past
stuck on perpetual play
I'm fucking you
but not like you think
pain just pushing me
to the brink
The monster that I've become
is the same one
I saved the others from
Bullets like skulls
in my eyes
one plus one = none
surprise, surprise


Chelly said...

I love reading everything you write Jaxxx. It's always heartfelt.

Hope you have a good Friday too. :)


ZigZagMan said...

There was this movie years ago called Jacobs Ladder.

I remember this scene where the main character is talking with chiropractor....and got this piece of advice....

...we all have demons, some are worse than others....but when we embrace our demon and accept them.....the demons become angels....and the light comes in...

it wasa very odd movie....early 90's I believe...:)

Happy friday Auntie J!! :)

captain corky said...

Your poetry is amazing.

her indoors said...

glad you told us not to worry, beautiful writing. have a great weekend AJ X

Nothingman said...

Aunt J, this one rocks too much because its raw, I see lot of poetry on blogs, but none drive the nail through the head and to the other side of the wall!

this one does exactly that!


word ver:gwkkfwt, sneezed while saying what the fuck!


beautiful. No good at poetry.

There was an old man from Leeds

Who swallowed a packet of seeds

Great tufts of grass shot out of his arse

and his cock was all covered in weeds

see? can't do it

Aunt Jackie said...

Chells, thank you girl, that's sweet!

Thanks bunches Zig! :)

Corky! Wow, I'm glad you liked it that much.

Indoors, glad you enjoyed it, yes I have to clarify not to worry because sometimes strong feelings can do that to some.

Nothingman, coming from you that really rocks! And you've done it yet again with the word verif!

FourD! Thanks, it matters much that you liked it... although I must dissagree with you that you're no good at it!! I'm LMAO! :)