Monday, June 04, 2007

Uncomfortably Numb

I'm back, sort of... I guess. I took a little weekend break from the blog. In fact, I was practically worthless over the weekend, almost like I was in hibernation. I don't know why. Friday night went very nice, we went out to "Kudzu's", which is a little bar in downtown Memphis where we will be playing tomorrow night, our first little gig and all. We went to Kudzu's to hang out and celebrate Richie's birthday, as well as just make an appearance and check out the scene and all. There were some musicians playing there Friday night who are part of a Thursday night event called "Pickin Party". These guys are not exactly a group, but they just hang out and jam together. Their instruments range from their guitars to their ukulele and Dobro. They played many different songs ranging from folk, and old outlaw country stuff to some acoustic versions of pretty known rock songs... They were great.

It was a small group of us just celebrating. Richie's friend Kenneth took off work to come out for his birthday, and of course he was the first to drink too much and pass out. The poor guy that ran the place had to help Richie drag him out, then we couldn't wake him up and he ended up sleeping the rest of the night in my car. All's well that ends well I guess. It was a good night overall.

Woke up Saturday, and as I said I was zombified or something. I don't know what knocked me out, as I didn't drink at all, but I felt like I was the one with the hangover. I was totally worthless I swear... I didn't do a damn thing all day, except for sleep late and then lie around watching movies on t.v.

Saturday night at midnight, I caught Rockdog's Blogtalk Radio Show, which was a hit. If anyone has the time, I highly recommend catching up on his archives, as well as Meggy Moon's. It's good to support your friends, you never know when you'll need their support in return... That's not the reason you should support them, but it is nice too.

Sunday I was still rather useless, but I did manage to do the dishes and play the part of the lioness and provide food for me and my family (Richie, Me, Cat + Dog).

Then our local Rock station, Rock 103, Memphis, had their "local music" show called "The Great Unsigned". They do this show every Sunday night from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. They played our song, "Graceful Exit" right towards the end of the show, where they play the newest stuff that they've received. Although Cappy (The Tranquility of Solitude) has played my music before on his Scooter Forums Radio Show (Barnsley Sime), this is the first real 'Airplay' that my band has received... we officially got played by our local radio station. I don't know how big a deal it is, but I guess we're pretty excited by that... their slogan states that '...If you're in a band, and you don't suck, then you can be part of The Great Unsigned". Hey, whatever it takes y'know?

Ok that's basically the recap of the weekend, such as it is... Oddly, I am glad to get back to the grind because at least I am alive and functioning, and working towards accomplishing something. I don't understand why I haven't been able to do this on weekends lately. Either later today, or maybe for tomorrow's post I am going to pose a question about getting carded for various things, and what actually constitutes 'looking your age', or looking/seeming as old or older than you are... I mean, basically if you're not wrinkled and you don't have any gray hair, what about you makes you actually look or seem old?? Be thinking about that and I will elaborate when I can.

Have a great day...


awaiting said...

Happy Monday! My weekend was pretty busy and I am looking forward to an equally busy week...but, just wanted to drop in! I have so much catching up to do! Thank gawd for dsl again!

RockDog said...

Congrats for being played on the radio! Very cool!

Aunt Jackie said...

Awaiting! I'm so glad you got DSL back, i've missed you. Alot of people have left me, and i've been sad and lonely. Catch up please! I'll be by your place later.

Rockdog, thanks! It's rather exciting, and at least someone likes us! ;)

captain corky said...

Maybe you just needed to relax this weekend. I'm sure you'll get going next weekend. Have a good day Jackie.

Chucky said...

I've had weekends like that. Though they seem to start with drinking.

Sometimes it's nice just to not do anything.

Chelly said...

Wow, on the radio!!! That's way cool.

Yay for our favorite Auntie and her crew!!

her indoors said...

hey yeah you got on the radio well done.
hope the rest of the week picks up for you

Nothingman said...

good luck for the show in Kudzu's, which sounds like a cool place, make them remember!

The radio here sucks and i'm trying to do something about it :) i mean a two hour show for unsigned bands, that will take 10 more years to come here!@

take care!


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