Friday, June 29, 2007

You've Got The Touch

Ok, that video for Big Girls Don't Cry was sickening... so I've replaced it with a little Dirk Diggler... yes, that's right it is "You've Got The Touch."

Much better placeholder for me until I come back with one of my always-amazing, thought provoking posts... which I will shortly, so COME BACK!!! :0

If you're just DYING to see the "Big Girls Don't Cry" video still, you can click below... ok?? Don't say I didn't warn you though... It's excrutiating.
Big Girls Don't Cry (With "Mr. Pregnant")

DO come back in just a bit after I post again, and comment back to me--I've been neglected this week and AuntJackie turns rather sinister when neglected. (Kind of like Captain Corky). :)


RockDog said...

Dirk Diggler! Yes!

Scary snaggle toothed bitch...No!

Chucky said...

March of '83 I was 9 months old!

I couldn't even make it through that whole video. yeah, I suck ;)

AuntJackie said...

Yes Rockdog, Dirk Diggler!! Every time I re-watch that scene I laugh my ass off!!! :))

Chucky, I am totally ashamed if you thought this was a 'real music video' from March of 1983... Although alot of videos from that time were, um, sad... But if you have not seen or heard of "Boogie Nights" than I suggest that you go and rent it RIGHT NOW for the sake of your manhood and for humankind!!

I just don't want you to suck!!! :)

Beefcake Almighty said...

I cannot believe you could do that to us...

Dirk Diggler?

Nooo......that's too far.


Neglected???? My AJ neglected??? I'll declare war on anyone neglectin' you..... meself of course

What A Crock said...

bwahahahaaa! most hilarious part of that movie.. the crappy singing career.

Aunt Jackie said...

Beef!! You have to think Dirk Diggler is Funny as Hell!!

FourD! Awww you're my Punk In Shining Leathers! :) Thank you for being so sweet!

Crock: Thank you!! I knew you'd understand... I mean, all through the movie I find hilarious stuff--who can't love "Boogie Nights"? It's great!