Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tired Like Roadkill

All is well on the home front after my extended ancient aging rituals (a.k.a. Birthday celebrations). Our Gig went really well! We got a pretty good response from everyone. As I sang, I scanned the audience, and saw lots of people rocking out. There was quite an interesting mix of people there too. Even though we had already gone over our time, the club owner asked us to do one more song! She said "Rock Me!" So we did. The sound was mixed very well, and my vocals rocked... We got much positive feedback, one of the waitresses even told me she thought I sounded amazing & wished I could come and sing her to sleep (was that a pass or just a compliment? Rockdog and Zig be quiet! LOL!).

Of course, we stayed afterwards for the next act so it was late when we left... Then Mr. J was supposed to be following me so I could show him the way out. I had my co-worker, Vikram in the car and Richie had his friend Kenny in the truck. I was watching carefully, when I got on the interstate ramp, he was still nearly behind me then I saw him rush past madly, and I thought it was rather odd... Then I worried that he was going to get lost, as his friend Kenny drunkenly handed me Mr. J's cellphone and I forgot to give it back to him, so my mind was fluttered with thoughts of him being broken down with no cell phone and getting in dire straits! I dropped off my co-worker, went home and found him there safe and sound. He said that some scrawny bony guy had cut him off, then flipped him off so he was going to chase him down and pulverize him but lost him. LOL! All's well that ends well as I always like to say.

So then Saturday was my big Birthday Weenie Roast (stop snickering Zig and Rockdog), at my parents' house. We had a nice time there too, watched the video of our Gig, which went fine for a few songs, but then lost focus (it was an old video camera), but the sound still persevered and we were able to hear it all. It sounded great!

So after we stayed up late making 'smores and having homemade vanilla ice cream... Mr. J and I Crashed out watching the Reno 911 movie, and slept until around 10:00 this morning (he slept til nearly noon)... I am still a little zonked though. I'm definitely not ready to start yet another nasty Monday.

Oh yeah, just in case you ever find yourself somewhere near this area (and we all have at some point), at least know there's hope! LOL! Have a good week folks, and always be prepared for anything 'cuz you know we're living on a crazy planet! ;)


RockDog said...

one of the waitresses even told me she thought I sounded amazing & wished I could come and sing her to sleep

Best post...EVER!~

She was TOTALLY hitting on you! Sweet!

Rock ON!

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Rock! :) Well I knew you'd enjoy that little tidbit.

Nothingman said...

That roadkill picture took my breah away...

And chasing down people to even scores! awesome!!!

Superb that you had an awesome performance :)