Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kudzu's Surely Grows On You

We had a blast last night, and would like to truly thank Kudzu's Bar and Deli, Memphis, TN, for being such a gracious establishment and making us feel like part of the family. For other bands out there, just as everyone else has told us--When you play at Kudzu's, it's a comfortable, friendly environment and it's like playing in your living room. Everyone there is super-nice, and as the review states in the link above, the food is always fantastic and they have a great selection of beers too. Whether you're popping in for an after-work beer, relaxing on the weekend, or coming out to see my band, "SAP" play, you can't lose with Kudzu's... it just grows on you! :)

[read the Amazing Story of Kudzu (the vine) and learn how it got so widespread.]

Anyway, thanks again Kudzu's! You guys are top-notch, and we really love coming there and playing as well as just hanging out. I love those guys from the "Thursday Night Pickin Party" too, we'll be back to see them as well as support others.

The show went well, although it was small to start out with, we'll be there for more Tuesday nights as well as a Saturday, July 14th show! That's right, Saturday night! Then of course, we're still opening on June 22nd at The Stage Stop, for the Eric Gales show.

Special thanks to our buddies, Craig (You Rock!), Meggy Moon (who's site will be updated soon!),my beautiful niece, Kristie and nephew-in-law Rodney, Jinks (Faith) and her husband Bill, Richie's brother Joey, his Mom and Mae, and my friend and co-worker, Vikram for coming out to support us in our first show. You all made it a great time.

My name is Aunt Jackie, and I approve this message. :)



Kudzu's sounds great but when I asked a cab firm for a quote to get me there sober and back pissed it was a bit more than I could budget for...shame

RockDog said...

Congrats on the good show!

captain corky said...

Glad you guys had a good show.

barnze said...

Sounds like my sorta place.